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juli 09, 2005



I know I didn`t write u yesterday, but I was away all day.
Myself, Peter, Erlend&June went to Bergen early in the morning. (my brothers, and the oldest one`s girlfriend)
June had never been to Bergen before, so we had to show her the great city between the seven mountains.I love Bergen, it`s the second largest city in Norway - but yet it is a intimate and not too big city. Bergen is known for it`s rainy days and every "Bergenser" (the people who live in Bergen) owns an umbrella .

But we were lucky and the weather was -perfect- .
She saw Bergen at its best.

At first we went craZy in IKEA, I bought some candlelights, a tea-set and a jar, to have flowers in outside my door in my apartment, in Førde. June bought several things, she had never been there either. A special day for her =)
..and then we ate at "Friday`s", the guys had some incredible,gigantic burgers! I had a salad with chicken and olivebread, it was good.

Even if we live only a couple of hours from Bergen, we behaved as tourists, and we went on a tourist attraction, --> Fløybanen. We cooled down with a soda/icecream and enjoyed the breathtaking view.

And before we left the beautiful city, we had to see the fish-market - u can actually see and choose fish,crabs and lobster moving around in the tubs. And taste shrimps if u like, and then buy some more if it tempts.

It was a good day.