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juni 27, 2008

come with me

Det blei for masse å ha to blogger samtidig -
besøk meg HER i stedet, så blir eg glad :)

den nye bloggen handler meir om mote og stil, men litt om meg og så klart. ta turen innom og legg igjen spor etter deg!

Ha ein SupeR sommer alle sammen!!!!!

I wont be blogging here anymore - now you can find me at -
please visit me and leave a comment =)

mai 15, 2008

Kversteinsparken i Hyllestad

This park is called "The millstone park". It is 10minutes from my house.

You can experience a stonecutter's life a thousand years ago. Clad in Viking clothes, in evocative surroundings, you can cut stone, be a smith, mill your corn by hand, bake Viking bread on a bonfire, make your own Viking soup and enjoy a shared meal around a crackling bonfire. The visit to stonecutters' camp includes a guided tour of the historical quarry in Kvernsteinsparken (the millstone park) and a tour of the Åfjordstein works, where you can see how the millstone can be used in a new, modern design.The camp is organised for exciting, natural games for children and adults.The visit to the stonecutters' camp is an experience out of the ordinary, allowing you to participate personally in history a thousand years back in time. Many groups, and tourists pay for a day like this.. it is absolutely worth it. you can also walk around by yourself like we did that day, cause it is open all the time.. even if it's not anything happening there it is a beautiful park.
(on the picture beneath is my mum, she is a teacher in the children-school, and they have projects and have been there alot in the park, guiding for tourists and other schools, making viking soup, and bread and all that..)

( For a guided tour; Price Adults NOK 300. Children 5-13 years old NOK 200.

Children under 5 free)

mai 08, 2008

mai 05, 2008

Do you sleep at night?

I've never slept a lot. Sometimes i sleep 3-4 hours, but most of the time i sleep 2 hours during the night. Sometimes i dont sleep at all. Sometimes it feels like there is someone else in my room, not like a ghost or a monster.. just someone else,like a person. I stumbled over this photo, i just had to post it. i think it was kind of cool, and kinda freaky. Sleep well ;)

mai 04, 2008

Take a chance on "P.S. I Love You".

there has been so much discussion on this film that i wasn't sure what type of movie i would be seeing - a drama, romance or comedy. the movie has all three - the film takes you on an emotional journey, one that everyone can relate to, losing someone you love and learning to cope with the loss is universal. this is definitely a chick flick that will not only make you cry, but make you laugh, plus the women will fall in love with Gerard Butler. Gerard was excellent in his part and Hilary did a fine job as well. at first i didn't think Hilary could pull off the romantic comedy role, but in the end you get use to her doing it. Hilary actually makes you feel her pain and how devastated she was when her husband died. i guarantee you that you will tear up during several scenes!! you will not be disappointed with the film. it is not an academy award winning film, but it is a tearjerker and definitely makes you go home and hug your significant other and be happy to have them in your life.
"P.S. I Love You" is one of the best romantic comedies in a long while, that has a great love story. Richard LaGravenese tells a wistful and touching tale with amazing performances and chemistry by Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler.

mai 03, 2008


i saw '27 dresses' yesterday and i just finished 'Juno'. Did you see them yet?

- 27 dresses was fun and specially the scene when she tries on all the dresses and a guy take pictures of her.. not a brilliant film, but i wanted some entertaining, and it was!! and what about Katherine Heigl,she is so pretty,and she did a fantastic job playing the woman that I'm sure everyone has felt like at one time!(at least a pinch of it, she was kinda obsessed.) normally, in a romantic comedy it does not require much acting, but Katherine Heigl manages to put in good acting to portray her jealousy towards her sister. the performance is playful and silly when needed, and sweetly honest in the more serious moments. Light popcorn fun.. like fast food, it probably won't stick with you for long, but it's good for some entertaining silliness!


Juno on the other side, was more special. i really liked it. Juno chronicles the story of the sixteen-year-old girl (played by Ellen Page), and the fallout of her accidental pregnancy. after deciding to not have an abortion, Juno decides that she will give the baby up for adoption to would-be parents Vanessa and Mark Loring (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) after finding an ad in the local classified section of the newspaper. it may not sound like a deep film, but right from moment one, the film draws you into Juno's bizarre world of teenage angst and wonderment. it progresses through the stages of her pregnancy (and the seasons that pass), and through the various problems and issues that arise as a result of the pregnancy. i am not going to divulge more, but you should go and see it. it is heartwarming and bittersweet at the same time. i must add, the acting by Ellen Page was outstanding. i can't remember a film that i was so drawn in by the main character + the soundtrack is amusing.
Enjoy ;)

april 30, 2008


the concert yesterday was FABULOUS! loved it, i had a great time!! :)
wanna listen? Click!

april 27, 2008

Spring ;)

april 25, 2008

miss Regine!

AH - finally it is friday. I am exhausted after a long week working as a teacher.. i like it, but it is good to be able to sleep a little bit longer tomorrow;)
I have no plans for the weekend - just going to relaxe and take it easy.
How does your weekend look like, any plans yet?
Tell me!

april 21, 2008

Velkommen til bloggernes verden,Marte ;)

My dear friend Marte has entered the bloggers world;) it is in norwegian, but still, you can enjoy the pictures;) Check it out!

april 19, 2008

Bergen on a Sunny Day!

So this is probably the most lousy film you'll ever see.. i didn't edit it much, just put together many clip from earlier today when Sylvia and I walked around in the city. Enjoy :D

Today is Tommy's birthday!!! WOHO, Happy birthday my dear brother-in-law. I guess my sister has made you delicious food and cakes, i know you're having a birthdayparty at your house today - next year i will make it to your birthday, cause then i live in Oslo!!! :)

april 18, 2008

I am moving from Bergen

Going to miss Bergen, my friends, all the shopping malls(!!), my favourite cafè&pub, the street i live in and the city. i'm moving home to mum. home to the delicious dinners&everything my mum is making in the kitchen. home to the countryside.home to the beautiful nature..with the fjord and the mountains.home to hiking. home to my cute, fat cat. home to my room and dear bed. home.

going to stay there till august, and then i have to find a place in Oslo. Oslo is the capital in Norway, so it is bigger then what i'm used to. big and scary. but i am looking forward to it, i can hardly wait. i'm going to study there,and after a year i'll be a skin-&body-therapist.i want to open my own spa some day.. at least that is my dream.

so maybe i'll give you some tip about skin & different kind of treatments in here, after i've learned something in school, if you like? :)

april 17, 2008

New adress on my fashion-blog, again!

yes, again!! i'm so sorry. the site i'm registered on changed the name from tjejsajten to Devote..that is why it is a new's the third time i've changed adress on my fashion-blog! the new adress is:

Saturday night

I live with two girls, and last saturday we had a surprise-party for Marte. (20 years old) she went out with her boyfriend on a fancy restaurant, romantic dinner for two.. priceless look on her face when they came back, and she entered the apartment and we yelled SURPRISE & sang 'happy birthday to you'. Marte is the girl in the left corner on top of the collage. it is i & sylvia(the other room-mate) on the picture next to marte&her boyfriend. We didn't have much time to prepare it, because Marte was home all day :P heheh.. we had less then 2 hours to bake, decorate the room with balloons, dress, put on make-up ++ but it went well!
3 hours later we went out, and we had a great night!! :) ..and here are some of the pictures from that night before we left the apartment.

look at me, what a jaw.. you can almost see my uvula!

here we are safe back home late at night/early in the morning, tired and hungry!!

april 11, 2008

This is ME

april 10, 2008

Dagens middagstips

Du kan jo ta ka grønnsaker du vil, ta det du liker..
sikkert veldig godt med lime, løk osv.. det eg hadde i formen var;
- Gulrøtter
- Poteter
- Brokkoli
- Sopp
(og ørret så klart..)

Del opp grønnsakene og legg dei i bunnen av formen,
hell over litt olje. Krydre fileteene godt, og legg dei oppå grønnsakene. Ha lokket på og sett formen inn i ovnen på 200grader i tja.. en liten time.på slutten kan du godt ta av lokket så det får litt meir farge og blir litt sprøere på toppen,fks.dei siste ti min. Bon Appètit ;)

..and in english;
it is not important to have the exactly same
vegetables as me, subtract or add something new if you like. like onions, squeeze a lime over it ++ this is what i had;
- Carrots
- Potatoes
- Broccoli
- Mushrooms
and the fish ofcourse. it looks like salmon, but i had trout.
Cut the vegetables in slices,and put it in the pot and pour some oil over it. spice it with salt and pepper and place them on top of the vegetables. put the lid on and in the oven. 200degrees in approximately one hour. the last ten minutes you can gladly take off the lid so it will be more crispy and colourful.
Bon Appètit ;)

So this is what i had for dinner today. I'm as PROUD as i can be. you see, i've never liked seafood.. i only eat fish when i -have- to.. like dinnerpartys and stuff. And suddenly i wanted fish, and i bought 4 pieces of trout and made me and my roommate, Marte a lovely dinner.
Today i made history!! i was excited, and didn't have high hopes for it. but you know what? it was really,
really good! I kid you not. i was so surprised.
Cured? weeell, let's not get ahead of ourselves..
i like trout and salmon, but that is as far as i go.

april 09, 2008


why do we kill people
who kill people
to show people that killing people is wrong?

april 02, 2008

Here are som pictures from easter :)

This is our view through the kitchen window.

My brother Peter (in the corner to the right), has taken all the photos.

i dont know if you notice, but it was a tired gang.. i think it shows on the pictures. Noa is in his most active stage, and we had the flu. the weather was quite windy,rainy..and actually so bad that we almost didn't go out all week! we managed to see a couple of movies together, we played games, the boys played football..and we chilled out together with a cup of tea,and snacks. And we had many delicious meals as always :)

..despite the sickness, the lousy weather,and Noa being RAMBO around us (it is not his fault, he is in 'that age') i had a dashingly fine easter! (even if he is Rambo i adore him, he is such a smart kid.)
- maria and i talked about it.. it is tradition that we are sick when we get together:P it is typical to get the cold, flu in the fall when we usually have a week holliday in october and visit them, and the same thing in the winterholliday in february..and then it is easter, and finally in the summer we can DO things,and everyone is healthy(at least the others) so.. i guess we are used being ill around each other, we make the best of it - and i think everybody had a blast this easter ;)

we missed Erlend and June - however i have to admit, we are a big family - and it can be kind of chaotic some times.. the house isn't big enough anymore when my siblings have a husband/wife and kids + that my grandma came on a visit for four days. And still Peter and i haven't met the right person yet, and when we then it'll get crowdy! but it is so much FUN too.
i love having a big family.. and bigger it shall be.

april 01, 2008

April Fool's Day

Even how prepared i am: every year someone tricks me into believing this&that. especially my mum, she is an expert. i am sure she'll kid me into believing all kinds of things tomorrow even how prepared i am.she doesn't only do it once, last year she got me 5-6times. she tells all kind of stupid things, that could be true, so if you're gonna play a trick one someone, it is easier to tell them something that is not totally unrealistic, but something that might actually be true..
i thought it was fun making up crazy jokes when i was younger, but i dont think it's so much fun anymore.. i will not trick you into anything.because i think it's stupid.

mars 31, 2008

"Charlie bit me." Cute.

how my heart behaves

i hate not knowing what to do, or what i'm doing.. or how i feel. but i do know how i feel, you can't not know how you feel.. can you?deep down, you know.
sometimes, i want to feel something i don't feel, or the other way around.i, sometimes try to decide on what to feel, cause my mind wants me to. i ignore my heart, overlook my feelings - and decide to feel this and that.
that is incredible stupid of me to do. cause in the end i have to listen to my heart, i should do it from the start.but then again, my heart is kinda annoying at the time, it keeps going on and on,and on about the same wonder i ignore it or shut it up now and then. but i should listen more, so i wouldn't mess things up more then it allready is.. or waste too much time.

It is not always easy when your mind tells you what's right, and your heart disagrees. I got to have a serious talk with'em soon-they have to kiss&make up and become bestfriends again;)

mars 29, 2008

ok,i've finally decided. Norwegian it is. (i think)

..and i hated like shit. i actually registered on a swedish blog instead. (!) so if you want to visit my fashion blog; CLICK.

confused chick!

i dont know what language to use anymore.. i was going to have the blog about fashion in norwegian, then i wrote english without noticing..then i wrote in norwegian again, and suddenly i'd posted a new post in english etc.. i'm confused.i can't seem to decide on which language! i want to write in both.. i think i'll choose norwegian.NO,wait.. :O

mars 28, 2008

Green Street Hooligans

this movie is So much more than a brutally violent film. the story between the character, relationships, series of events, all put together made this nearly perfect! the movie is showing us that everyone need to stand for something,you fight the best you can; to protect whats dear to you. Pete(Charlie Hunnam) says to Matt (Elijah Wood) - ”You don't run, not when you're with us... You stand your ground and fight!” Brilliant acting, especially Charlie Hunnam. if you think Elijah Wood didn't fit in this movie,you're awfully wrong..i must admit that i was skeptic myself, still picturing him as frodo. Actually..his sweet, kind demure is what was so great about the character.and all the supporting actors were fantastic!! Charlie is perfectly charismatic . Claire, Marc, all the firm members, made it feel like i was watching something real and not manufactured. it's not about the violence and hurting someone's the reasons behind it, who you become, what you find out about yourself. the movie is bloody,with beautifully,brutal fights. Still..after seeing it, i want more. (by the way,i love their accent)

In the end i want to quote Matt Buckner:

”I've never lived closer to danger, but I've never felt safer. I've never felt more confident, and people could spot it from a mile away. And as for this, the violence? I gotta be honest - it grew on me. Once you've taken a few punches and realize you're not made of glass, you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go.”

mars 27, 2008


i am bored, and therefore i made a new blog! i have to find out how to change on some details, on the design.still working on it:D but you can still come and visit, even if not everything is how it's supposed to be.i'll still post in here, because this is the blog about me..the other blog is going to be mainly about FASHION <3

mars 24, 2008

i had a blast in Førde saturday night!!

i had so much energy on saturday, and i wanted to do i jumped on the bus to Førde, and visited Åshild and her boyfriend Vegard. it was so nice to see her again, i had a really good time,girl ;) He's with the band, 'Jewels Of Glory' - and they were playing that night at 'pikant'. we were on the guest list, free entrance! they were excellent! the vocalist has a distinctive voice which i imagine is one you will either like or you won't. personally, i love it! Check it out!

mars 21, 2008

Lapper. Det e godt =)