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desember 31, 2005

new years eve

hi u guys, happy new year :D
how my celebration`s gonna be?weell, quite peaceful.. with my family,but 3 members is missing,not here=/ just me, mum, peter and grandma .. + some friends of my mum`s gonna be here..about 10-11 persons. It smells like christmas and newyearseve in here, the dinner.. aah! salted and dried rib of mutton. it`s g-good. but i'm ill, and my appetite isn`t what it`s supposed to be - i feel very hungry,but at the same time i put it in my mouth i feel sick..looking forward to dinner though,i do - before every meal,but then afterwards i regret it while feeling so sick,heh :p
Enjoy ur evening!!
Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because
they pissed me off

desember 30, 2005

sleepy lass

ha-ha.. faktisk sovet litt, var dårlig og måtte legge meg nedpå ei stund - og mirakeløst falt eg i søvn. sovet i 2,5timer (!), til og med sovemerke på eine sida når eg våkna.. tok et par bilde md en gang eg stod opp,ville vise deke trøtte,men samtidig utkvilte Regine.

silence is one of the great arts of conversation, as allowed by Cicero himself, who says, 'there is not only an art, but an eloquence in it.'.. a well bred woman may easily and effectually promote the most useful and elegant conversation without speaking a word - the modes of speech are scarcely more variable than the modes of silence.
(i look kinda odd at the pic, the angle..)

desember 29, 2005


People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.

Happy birthday MARIA !!!

My dearest,sweetest,most kind and wonderful sister MARIA`s birthday is today,
she`s 25years old! I wish i could celebrate it with her, i send her a gifth. I havent seen her since september, i actually miss her daily,she`s not only my sister,but my best friend - we are very close. Right now I know she`s busy preparing for her celebration, she`s a fabulous cook - i envy her guests who`s gonna be there tonight, cause she make everything so perfect.. not just the food, but the decor,and all kinds of details that make the whole setting so great.
(i found a pic of her,but i guess she dont like me putting it in here,but i think she looks good on it, girls r never satisfied with their pics.)

desember 28, 2005

Santa Claus wears a Red Suit, He must be a communist.
And a beard and long hair, Must be a pacifist.
What's in that pipe that he's smoking?
"The Pause of Mr. Claus"

desember 27, 2005

me and Peter(my littlebrother,16) have watched some films .. ah, how beautiful it is to just chill the rest of the day, we`v had something going on here since day1 of the hollidays, and it`s been good beeing lazy and walking around in my dressing gown this tuesday :D

now i have to go to bed for a while, not feeling so good - but i'm more then satisfied with good days,my health`s been real good lately,and i think Øyvind`s got to do with it, i think i apriciate life more and all my illness doesnt get as much attention from me, and me being in love heals alot of my problems..or, it`s difficult to get u to understand, but i'm sure i can tolerate more and ignore more sickness as long as the psyche is good, and me being happy. yeah, i feel ill now, but hey, it`s nothing - i just have to lie down, i'm Ok with it - the only thing`s missing is him, and i like missing him, cause then i see how much i care about him.

one choppy morning!

it`s been a hectic morning - got up at 09-00. guests for breakfast, kinda early, i was so tired! my mum`s brothers family came, they have 4 sweet, rough and active boys.. twins (Aron&Eirik) 3 years old, Øyvind 8 years old and Elias 10 years old. Yeah it was demanding, but also very snugly to have especially the two 3yearsold boys with the breakfasttable,awww!heartbreakers ;) finally my littlebro got up too, and my grandma(hehe,she`s slow in the mornings,she hates to get up early,funny..) - i had 5 slices of bread and two cookies for breakfast, two cups of hot water, and a cup of tea and a glass applejuice. right now i'm eating chocolate and driking coke.thats what christmas is about isnt it?.. (eating.)
they went right after breakfast, cause they was just stopping for breakfast on their pass-by, they were going to my aunts parents.. but it was fun and kozy, but i'm not used to having a lot of kids in the house, and i'm surprised by how exhausted i`ll get just after a few hours.

desember 26, 2005

like i said some posts ago, i'm with Øyvind (the most handsome,caring and exiting guy;) , i'm not to see him again until 2-3 january . we`r not good in having contact, like sms`s or phoning eachother.. so it feels kinda odd, i dont know. but then..its christmas, everyone is busy and theres so much going on and it`s also in the beginning in a relationship,and it`s just 8 days till i'm back in Førde - looking forward to hang with him`s not that i cant wait, i miss him,but i can wait.. it`s just, i wonder if he miss me and if he`s thinking about me in between the familyvisits and partys - i picture him in front of me and he`s on my mind all day, i like the thought of beeing his girl and i have something to look forward to, to see him again and be in his arms =)
oh - blei seint inatt, eg e jammen trøtt no! eg,sisselm og eldrid samla oss seint igårkveld,eg og sisselm tok avskjed med eldrid, ho drar til USA(Colorado,Aspen)og ska stå på ski der,(heh,ja vi e forskjellige) og kommer ikkje igjen før i mars/april.. we will miss her!!
Kl.16.00 ska vi i middag til tante og onkel som bor like borti her,tredje huset bortenfor oss, og der blir vi nok til seint ikveld..middag fører til kaffi og kaffi til "nattmat". ikkje noke stress at vi ska dit, alltid så koselig og avslappa der borte, og kjempegod mat =) ikveld kommer bestemor også, og ho blir her til neste år :p ska feire nyttårsafta med oss òg, d blir jo fint,ei stund sida eg ha sett ho no.
Ute e d sol og berre litt rim på gresset, ikkje snø i d heile tatt.D gjør ingenting for meg egentlig..
Formen e bedre - glad for d, blei så dårlig på julafta, men heldigvis fikk eg legehjelp raskt og medisin som virka, takknemlig for d. må bare holde varmen, fortsette på antibiotikakuren ut og drikke rikelig - that i can do.

desember 24, 2005


en fyr som hadde øret i armen! klikk HER og se bildet!

oh joy - christmas is here ;)

even if it`s no snow outside, i have the christmasspirit! even if my healthcondition is worse today i am in a good mood =)
my doctor was here some hours ago, i got some medicine and antibiotics - i think it will pass quick if the medicine positive.but right now it`s very painful and it really bothers me.
i dont feel like wearing a dress, but i`ll put it on later.. i like it best in my pj`s ;O

desember 23, 2005

finally all is done - and i'm ready,
christmas can come now.

..and finally i sort of have the christmas-spirit :)

this day has not been so good, and i'm looking forward to tomorrow.i hope it will be better, i'm sure it will.

the day before Da Day

today theres been so much to do.. so many little things,details.. to do before christmasday. i`v been a bit back and forth to førde, i went back to my flat last night, some things i had to take care of.. u c,i have a bit homework to do in my christmashollidays actually,and i had forgotten my books!i have a big test the first day at school after christmas, kinda cruel..but Ok.nothing else to do but rEAd.

desember 22, 2005

g'mornin` 2 y`all

ah - in my pj`s, breakfast any with my mum, my litlebro is still sleepin` ;O

pic: sleepy sleeeepy lass.

not gonna stash up before after breakfast, i love having breakfast in my pj`s and sleepyface..unbrushed hair and unshowered.heh,odd?nah,is it?

desember 21, 2005

i just came home for my christmashollidays - kinda good, and kinda odd to just be home and "hang".. but then again i have a bit to do, like tomorrow me and my littlebrother`s gonna bake christmascookies and wrap in gifths and do some housework i guess. it is so peaceful back here - i'm calm,but also allready a bit restless. my fat,lazylazy cat is lying in front of the fireplace,sleepin'.a very calming sight allrihgt - i feel bad,cause i didnt miss it,i ..i kinda forgot about it,about it`s being(existence) - but now i cant stop looking and hugging it.

yeah,by the way.. i'm with Øyvind again - i wont be seeing him for a while cause of the hollidays.. until the third of january.Not until NEXT YEAR! sounds kinda wild, but it`s just a few weeks`s not like i feel that i will go totally mad without him - it`s like.. i'm smiling inside, when i picture him in front of me - and i feel peace.. he`s.. mine;)
but ofcourse,i miss him allready, and i cant wait to see him again!

desember 19, 2005

2 days 2 go,
and then it`s christmashollidays.

desember 16, 2005

i finally began my christmasshopping yesterday :D
i bought seven gifths.. 8 to go. *grin*

i'm at school now, we`r going to have a christmas-breakfast in the cafeteria soon,
whole school`s gonna have breakfast here today - but ofcourse we had to split up in many groups.

ah - weekend.gonna stay put here in Førde.

desember 15, 2005

i slept all night tuesday till wednesday - thank you.

desember 12, 2005

I stole a hug from my teddybear, he`s a sweet guy and everything,but it just didnt cover it -
i could need a real one this morning, a real hug.

(u cant comment this post,cause i dont want u 2.)
My beloved blogger.
Oh, how I missed thee.
My world is turned up side down,
and again, you are there for me.
What would I do with out thee.

desember 09, 2005


Et fly kræsja med ein bil, en 6 år gammal gutt omkom. Det skjedde i USA,Chicago.Les.

To menn,arbeidskollegaer var på hyttetur i Porsgrunn. Den eine mannen skulle skyte ein grevling, men istedet skaut han kameraten sin.
45-åringen sa : "Jeg har drept en mann med fem skudd i hodet". Les. og Her.

Tragisk hendelse i England,London.En fem år gammal jente døde, ho blei kvalt av ein kjøttbolle - og dei klarte ikkje å redde ho. Les.

heh,ein anakonda åt ein 150 kilos kalv!
"På videofilmen ser man at slangen buler ut på midten etter å ha forspist seg. Det måtte fem menn til for å løfte slangen om bord i en bil. " Les/Se.

En taxisjåfør i Danmark beit fingertuppen av ein 48 år gammel mann etter ein krangel om kor mange mennesker det var plass til i drosja. Les.

Yesterday was very Ok

I did not faint
all meals i had my body tolerated
i did all my homework+more
i also did some housework and i almost managed to see the two TVshows i wanted to see before i got ill again
i lasted long it was g-good

desember 08, 2005

today: i feel great. i dont know why, but i'm really Ok today.
i have no pain at the moment, and i'm smiling.
my hair is a mess, theres a million of things to do(school)..
but still, i'm smiling :)

desember 07, 2005

In the arms of sleep

sleep will not come to this tired body, peace will not come to this lonely heart. i need a someone to ease my mind, but sometimes a someone is hard to find. i want u to know that i need you tonite', but i`ll do anything to keep you here tonite' - and i`ll do anything to keep you allrite'
cause i want you to stay, with me, i need you tonite.
in the arms of sleep.

desember 05, 2005

oh man. tired? oh no, not at all ;)
iv been worrieing about finding the clinic i'm going to this morning, i found a map on the internet, but what can i say, i'm not a born map-reader,thats for sure.but sissel`s coming with me,i'm glad,now i'm is always better when u have someone with u. afterwards we`re going to our cafè (vågen). i wish we had a place like vågen at home, in Førde. It is so intimate and layback - it feels like home in there. It is always candlelights, all kinds of newspapers avaliable, games (cards,chess ++), u can barrow blankets too,so cosy!..the art on the walls is for sale,so it`s not the same,it changes.. is kinda odd: some of the drawings/pictures r totally silly or ugly,and some of it is just perfect.I like the style for sure, cause there aint no style, it is so accomplished no-style that it rocks. i guess some of u would say it`s just another coffehouse,but i wouldnt, i simply love it. they dont have any exiting drinks or fooddishes, but thats not the most important thing,heh,GIRLS u think and rolling ur eyes (if ur a boy reading this).. but i dont come there cause im hungry, it`s a place to hang out with ur friends, do ur homework, read, just hang out.. drink hot chocolate or a caffè latte and have a brownie =) ok enough about this, ur bored i know,i'm sorry.but if u have the chance, u should go there. Have a nice monday!

desember 04, 2005

i love sundays.
and at the same time i hate them.
it is a day off, a lazy day , it is about tv,films,family,or a day to recover last night.. - but it is also the day before monday, the day before a whole new busy week, the day u have to do ur homework and regret u didnt do it friday...for me sunday is a day of travel, and packing,cause i'm often at my mums place in the weekends. I'm in Bergen now. Going to c a doctor tomorrowmorning, quite early,i dont look forward to it. Have to be there 08.15, and i dont know where it is.. so i have to get up early, have to take the bus,and i dont know what bus to take and so on and so on. Nerves.heh,it`ll be fine.
i was out last night with my friends, i met some friends of mine i havent seen for a while, it was nice. i got very tired in the end, and it was heavenly to get home in bed! (03.45). Got up 11.03 this morning. I'm good - I had breakfast and a shower and been watching TV(seen a service from a church in Bergen.) .I saw a movie yesterdaymorning, "Laws of attraction", romantic drama-thing.sweet=)

desember 03, 2005

Det ble en gutt!

«Deres Kongelige Høyheter Kronprinsregenten og Kronprinsessen fikk i dag, lørdag 3. desember 2005 klokken 10.45 en sønn på Rikshospitalet i Oslo. Alt befinner seg vel med mor og barn. Deres Majesteter Kongen og Dronningen, Stortingets President og Statsministeren er meddelt at Hennes Kongelige Høyhet Kronprinsessen har nedkommet med en Prins.»
The newborn prince.

saturday morning

it got late last night.. i was very tired. I first went to school, and then i ran back to my flat and packed a bag and i made it in time to the bus, and 3,5hours later i was in Bergen with my friends - we went to our favorite place, cafè , "vågen", ah, i love that place.we sat there all night =)
I'm not sure what the planes r for today, but i know that sissel&bjarne, is going to do some shopping downtown.. i have som friends,their twins,i met one of them yesterday,and gonna meet the otherone today,their the coolest of all twincouple i promise u ! :D maybe we`r going out tonigh and maybe not.. it`s the same for me actually. "my love" is not arond here,kinda uninteresting going out ..heh :D theres noone else i wanna meet or look at.ah,well,i`ll try to have fun. *yawn* - i'm going to take a shower, and then sit down with breakfast and a movie.. yeah, Sissel and Bjarne r sleepin`..hush hush.
i miss you - especially in the mornings

desember 02, 2005

my one and only
i can hardly wait till i see him again
silly, i know i'm silly
cause i'm hanging in this tree
in the hope that he will catch a glipmse of me


Lukk augene dine og se for deg at du gjer det du e redd for å glemme å gjere, fks. ved å stoppe ved matbutikken på vei heim og kjøpe brød,ost,frukt og grønnsaker. Se for deg korleis du svinga inn til matbutikken og korleis du plukka med deg ting før du betala. Når du seinare e på vei heim, får synet av matbutikken deg til å huske på ka du ska gjere. Det her e ein teknikk utarbeida ved Center for Healthy Minds, ved Illonois-universitet.

desember 01, 2005

Det e berre i gode tider at ein har sans for skjønnheit. Om sommaren spør ein om ovnen e vakker, om vinteren om den e varm.

forelskelse, ein form for galskap.

Når du e forelska, e du nærmest manisk opptatt av din utkårede. Konsentrasjonen av serontin e heile 40prosent lavere enn normalt, omtrent som hos ein tvangsnevrotiker (!)

Kroppen produsera òg meir fenyletylamin når du e forelska. Det e kroppens eige 'amfetamin' som sørga for at humøret blir bedre. Sjoklade inneholder det samme stoffet, men du må spise 15kilo for å få samme effekt som ved ein forelskelse.