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you see: it`s about me, REGINE.

oktober 31, 2007


cathrine and me ;)
i actually dont celebrate halloween at all, it is not a norwegian tradition..and norwegians are not thrilled by the kids who's trying to introduce it to our country. what i should be doing is: reading.. my history exam is closing in - i do everything but what i'm supposed to.
i've been baking, cleaning, washing clothes and so on..
now i have to sit down and READ.

oktober 26, 2007

in this modern times,everything is possible in the world of dating. the sex doesnt matter. the skin-colour doesnt matter.status doesnt matter.but age!it can be a crucial thing for men who's out hunting girls.
you see, younger men - or should i say 'boys' are not accepted among most girlgangs. younger men are childish, unexperienced and..boys.

i once met a guy on a pub when me and my friends hit the town a few years ago.. he was a real charmer, handsome and fun. he told me he was 25. we talked with him and his friends for a few hours.. then he told me he'd been lying about his turned out that he was 1year younger than me. in less then 3 seconds of time he went from being totally charming to totally uninteresting.real turnoff. Minimum age limit: Same age as me.
A man has to be at the same age as me, or older. Elderly men is the thing.. but then again we dont want stale,ooold men. we are sick of all the 50yearsold men who think they are God's gifth to their daughters friends. Yeah,we like elderly men, but without the wrinckles,drewling and the big beer-belly(ølvom.. ) Maximum age: 10 years older.

why is age this important to so many people, me included? 1 year younger than me is almost as bad as 10 years older. how did this happen, all in all isn't the chemistry the most important thing??and if not, shouldn't we go out and find ourselves a young,frisky man who'll live as long as we do? like Demi Moore has done.
Girls! it's time to give a shit in what others might think - quit juding other people.a number tell us nothing about a man. it is time to see that a 21 year old man can be as grown up as a 26 years old.
i have a few friends who's dating younger guys. you go girls!!

oktober 23, 2007

oh no! this is not good.

i got a letter in the post today from the exam-agency.. and i got an unpleasant surprise when i opened it. it was the dates of the three exams i'm having before christmas..
oh yes; i'm in big trouble. they've forwarded the dates on two of the exams. the first one is allready on the 7th of November,"new history" - my 'social studies'-exam is coming up at the 20th of November, and then it's math on the third of December. i've got to get a hold on myself on this subject too.. i have never been as slack in school before like i've been this year! specially history,i've just been to three classes this fall.. this is bad. how is this going to end?! and what tha fuck is wrong with me.. i'm so apathetic and weary of everything - and still i almost havent done anything this fall.

oktober 22, 2007

sugar <3

got to get a hold on myself.. i got to quit putting all the junk and sugar in my mouth:p coke is my heaviest load.this week i'm not gonna drink any coke or eat any chocolate at's like drugs to me. wish me good luck :D

oktober 19, 2007

the boy with no name is called Julian :)

i met him on wednesday, and he was adorable!

oktober 08, 2007

the boy with no name

yesterday at 16:40 my stepbrother came into this world. my dad and his new wife's son. 3550g and 51cm. you can see he has his mothers eyes, she is chinese. it is kinda weird.. i have a stepbrother who's half norwegian, half chinese. he is cute,isn't he?

oktober 03, 2007

guess who's paying me a visit tomorrow ?!

my dear sister, her babyboy and peter (one of my two brothers) is arriving Bergen tomorrow - i can hardly wait. i'm exited to see noa(the baby), i haven't seen him since 18th of May, he is six months old now. he has learned how to sit up by himself, started "talking" and he is quite active i hear. they are staying at my place one night, and then we'r all heading home to Leirvik on friday, home to mum:)

oktober 01, 2007

Reply to Drama Diva

well, i dont know what you interests are.. but what you could visit in Bergen:

  • the home of Edvard Grieg, 'Troldhaugen' (great composer)
  • bergen aquarium(seals and penguins playing in the large pools welcome you to the aquarium that has as one of europe's largest collections of fish and invertebrates actually!)
  • mount floyen: the popular funicular railway to the top of Fløien from where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the city.
  • 'Bryggen' is the name of the world famous waterfront in Bergen. the characteristic parallel rows of buildings, with their seaward-facing gables represent a building tradition dating back almost 900 years. the old wooden buildings along the harbor front in Bergen were placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1980.
  • the Hanseatic Museum,it is situated in one of the old trade houses at is just down the street from where i live now,so i went there some weeks ago. the museum has old interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries.the Hanseatic League had one of their foreign Offices at Bryggen in Bergen from approx. 1360 until 1754.
  • Hakon's hall; the largest and most imposing building of the royal residency in the 13th-century. center of Bergen. 600 meters from the fish market
  • Stave church originally built in Fortun in Sogn&Fjordane in 1150. It is in Paradis, approx. 6 km from center of Bergen

The city is intimate, and has personality with it's narrow valleys, lots of comfortable&snugly cafè's, the white wooden houses.. it is nice to walk around here. Many toursists like the fishmarket, personally i hate the smell of fish -it isn't my favourite-type-of-smell.

Ofcourse the fjords are worth to visit.. if you're in Bergen, you should also visit my home-county Sogn&Fjordane, to see more of the fjords, the worlds longest fjord. The region where this deep fjord meets the glaciers and Norway’s highest mountains is considered one of the world's most beautiful travel destinations. The greatest attraction of the Sognefjord is its immense variety of landforms gathered in one and the same region - from wide-open fjord landscapes and green hills to narrow fjord arms, massive mountain ranges and spectacular blue glaciers - creating the natural settings for small, idyllic fruit-growing villages, modern communities and isolated mountain farms. i could go on you know, i guess it's enough for now :)