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november 28, 2007

Finn 3 feil (find 3 faults..)

I mårra skal eg trene, og drikke minst 2,5l vatn.

1. Eg
2. Trene
3. Vatn

I'm gonna have a workout tomorrow, and drink a lot of water.

1. I (me!)
2. Workout
3. Water

november 22, 2007

Rock'n Roll fiskeboll, kjøttkaker og fårikål!

it's not like i have nothing to do. i am behind in school in most of the subjects.. and i have my third exam coming up soon - but still i feel like i have nothing to do. i have done alot of homework today actually.. but i feel like life is so meaningless sometimes. not like i'm-depressed-and-feel-like-there-is-no-reason-to-live-kinda-meaningless.. but that the days go by and by, and i feel like i dont do enough.i am young,i'm in my prime-age.i mean.. this is is the time to live my life - we only live Once. this is before family, children, work&all the other responsibility.and what do i do? i sit in, i dont do much.. i should live more,shouldn't i? so therefore i have been out every day the last week with friends,doing stuff.. and i also have plans the next days to come.
i guess i'm one exhausted,poor(as in Broke) girl on sunday morning when i wake up. at least i have been doing something this week and had alot of fun ;)

november 19, 2007

november 12, 2007

Hair, oh stupid hair.

november 11, 2007

november 10, 2007

<3 daydreaming

i often think and i plan what i want to do if i win alot of money. actually,it's more like when i win.i'm quite an optimistic on this subject. i think i'm going to win every time i play "Lotto"(gambling-game). if not daily i sure think about it several times a week. like if i had all that money i would quit school and pay a private teacher to teach me what i need.. i would travel,for example: go to london on shopping with a friend(which i'm paying ofcourse), i would attend many concerts, invest in my own apartment, i would pay down the rest of the houseloan mum's got, and my brothers education-loan and my own ofcourse ++
i'm not saying that i think that my life would be painless, perfect and free of all problems.. but money sure helps.
did you notice i didn't say 'give money to charity'?i'm no saint.i dont know if i would do it even if i hope i depends on how much i win;)

november 09, 2007

the first snow

november 01, 2007

check out the video - my sisters son, Noa. a real charmer!

Happy birthday Erlend!!!

My oldest brother is 29years old today - i hope you'll have a nice day,Erlend :)

Glad i deg!