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februar 22, 2006

--- i have to add that it`s going to be niCe to c Øyvind and have him by my side again ;) we`v had contact by phone ofcourse, and i`v gotten some pics(MMS) and send some myself. my handsome,charming bloke! *muah*

februar 16, 2006

Finally all the snow and ice has vanished, at least here in the city. the weatherexperts say that the westernpart of Norway has had their snow this year and they dont expect any more skiing and icy roads - oh yeah i'm satisfied allright!! :D :D :D ..but then, i'm going to my sister tomorrow - she`s on the eastern part of Norway,Sarpsborg - and they have tuns and tuns of snow, theres such chaos with traffic and with electrisity cause of the huge masses of heavy snow. isn`t it typical that immediately the weather is fine here - i'm going after the bad weather?
looking forward to get there though, not seen my sister since.. hm, since.. *thinking* since i dont know, yeah that long. maybe october?not quite sure.we r very very close, wish i could c her more often- we have this phone-deal were we call for free to eachother,so we talk kinda often and thats niCe :)

februar 15, 2006

oh - my head is aching. I'v been working real hard with a few tasks all morning, and u know me (or maybe u dont), but i dont take any pauses before i'm done - then i can breathe out and take a break. Writing about several organisations, like the Red Cross. The other writing-task i'm working with is about "communication" , how to communicate in the best, most stable/confident and trusty way. I'm finito with the first one, still workin` on the second one, it needs a bit more polish! but none of them has deadlines before after my winterholliday actually, so then i can relaxe and live life next week without having a bad conscience!I love to be ahead of everyone and everything,who doesn`t when it comes to homework.. But since i'm not taking any spare-minutes outside or in the cafeteria i can go home earlier - so i like to work hard and then go home and be real laZy on the sofa, instead of walking around and killing time in between schoolwork.
..and while writing, real snug`bout myselfe, my teacher came and gave me an new submission in english.. about Queen Elizabeth *caugh* u c, i get all these extra-tasks and submissions cause i'm too clever;)nAh, since i work so hard i finish things before all others,and then i get more tasks to do so that i have something to do all the time . yeah,well.. lets see.. queen Elizabeth..

februar 14, 2006

valentinesday ;O

give ur loved one a bit more attention today -
i know that many norwegians think it's silly, cause it`s an american thing-kinda, newish here and not a matter of course.
but.. i mean, it`s just a marked day for people who love eachother, isn't it more stupid to be 'against' it?
anyway.. i hope u`ll have a niCe day :)
take a look at this, oh how sweet!

februar 13, 2006

Monday.a new week`s coming up,but after this it`s winterhollidays,how niCe=)
it was a bit sunny earlier today,but now it`s gone..
my weekend?yeah it was Ok!I thought i was going to hang out alone, or me and the TV,but Øyvind came fridaynight:D and went saturdaymorning,and then he surprised me and came last night as well i'm glad - saturday was kinda boring,i'm sick of the olymipcs.. 'OL', it`s almost the only thing on TV these days,ski-sports, HOW 'killingly' boring. oh - i'm sleepy.. *yawn* -out-

februar 10, 2006

it's friday people!

yeah i know,i know i dont update this as often as i should. a real blogger should publish something each day.. but i'm a wannabe-blogger so leave me alone -
anyways.. weekend`s coming up and i have no plans what-so-eva.kinda tragic.but i did try, but my friends r either away for the weekend, they have no money or their sick =/ so i guess i have a date with my TV. the tv and me r gonna have a hell of a fantastic weekend ;O at least i'll try. i'm absolutely not gonna work out in the first days to come - yeah, STIFF i`ll promise u , in my legs and arms.when i'm alone,my walk is like a pregnant woman`s type of walking, seen it eh?
- i bite my teeth together and try to walk like a normal human-beeing when theres people around me. i'm at school now, english-class,maybe i should do my task instead of blogging..

februar 07, 2006

like the garden of Eden

A scientist says "This is the closest we can come to the garden of Eden,here on Earth". An expidition-team has discovered a number of new species in the jungle in Indonesia.

Pics of a frog, bird, bird&the scientist, animal.

i'm not fascinated or anything.. i actually have no idea why i'm publishing this stuff..

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

februar 05, 2006

... if i were a queen. if i had everything. if i could give you your dreams. if i were on top of it all. then tell me what in the world would i go on for? if i had it all.. . - i'm in a kinda 'philosophical' mood this morning -
Returning to Førde tonight, and my boyfriend is picking me up (i'm gonna take the bus), looking forward to see him and to have him by my side while sleeping;)
have u been following the case with the Muslims?i think it`s a bit scary, it doesnt look like their gonna talk about it and shake hands.. looks like their gonna start a war. The Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria was attacked by Muslims.(read) Drastic i`ll say.
A dozen caricatures of the prophet first appeared in September in a Danish newspaper. Muslims consider some of the images particularly demeaning, including one of Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse.I have chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam. (i dont dare publishing the drawings,maybe our house would get bombed,who knows)
I feel ashamed on the Muslims behalf, of those who doesnt support the crazy ones attacking everyone.. it must be unpleasant for them,cause i dont think every Muslim agrees on this particularly behavior. well - i could write about this for ages, but i think i'll stop before even beginning, and leave this to the newspapers.

februar 04, 2006

Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you'll be surprised at how little you have.

februar 03, 2006

Here i am with the computer,my pics r always of my face only,and i thought maybe u wanted to c something else then my 'fat' cheeks;O so here u can c a bit of my legs as's kinda hard to take a pic of urselfe and try to get the whole YOU in it,i didnt have any to photographe me,maybe later.I look kinda pissed or mad,but i'm not,i'm in a good mood this friday:D

i came home till my mums house, late last`s good to be home, it is so calm and peaceful out here in the 'country', i woke up to birds singing. mum is a teacher,she`s at work.i have had a long nice breakfast with my mum`s homemade bread - delicious. i'v had too much now *grin* yeah,turban-girl (wet hair cause of a shower) outside it`s misty and rainy, my kinda weather. i`m headin`out now,have a fantastiC friday!

februar 02, 2006

going home today,been a while since i`v been there.i miss my mum and my cat.
and my littlebro is coming home too, and my elder brother later.nice to gather once in a while.
looking forward to my winterhollidays coming up, then i'm going to my sister and her husband, not been there for ages!
my cold is better, but still snuffle and caugh.