and you thought you clicked on something interesting

you see: it`s about me, REGINE.

juli 31, 2005

22 days left

Monday 22th of August I`m back at school,Øyrane VGS in Førde.
I enjoy the summer and my lazy life.. but I also look forward to start study again. ..and regular training !

juli 29, 2005


Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta,
ho er for ljos til det.
Då skal vi vandra i saman ute,
: under dei lauvtunge tre :
Då skal vi vandra isaman ute,
der blomar igraset står.
Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta,
: som kruser med dogg vårt hår :
Vi skal ikkje sova frå høysåteangen
og grashoppespelet i eng,
men vandra i lag under bleikblå himlen
: til fuglane lyfter veng :
Og kjenna at vi er i slekt med jorda,
med vinden og kvite sky,
og vita at vi skal vera saman
: like til morgon gry :
directly translated from norwegian ;
We should not sleep away the summer night,
it is to light for that.
Then we shall wander together in the open
under the trees that are heavy under their leaves.
Then we shall wander together in the open,
where flowers in the grass are standing.
We shall not sleep away the summer night,
wich with dew our hair does fuss.
We shall not sleep away from the smell of hay,
and the singing of the grasshoppers in the fields,
but wander together under the pale blue sky
till the birds lift their wings.
And feel that we are of the same kin as the earth,
with the wind and the white clouds,
and know that we shall be together
all the time til dawn.

juli 27, 2005

mountain high,river low..

Yesterday I was on a hike for three hours,
in the mountains here were I live.
The nature here is breathtaking beautiful,
I enjoy to smell and breathe in the fresh, clean air.
And now I`m on my way out again,
going on a shorter trip with my mother and sister.
We are going to have a kozy meal on the top,
this hike is not for training - but pleasure,
and just to have a good time,enjoying the fine weather!
, but I prefer hard training actually.
But this is nice too, I`m just a bit impatient.

juli 19, 2005

soaring like a leaf in the sky.

I`m soaring over the ground on fresh memory.

I`m tired, and I am .. floating. Smiling. Thinking, and smiling some more.
this is my journal.

tuesday afternoon

It felt like New Year`s Eve last night. The sky was filled with "fireworks".
It thundered and lightened.
And then the rain came, hitting the windows and the roof.
Dripping from the gutter.
The power was gone for like 2 hours -
it got so still and dark,
it was a bit scary and at the same
time very pleasant and odd.
The aircondition stopped. I unplugged the phone.
No music, no computerlights or sounds, no TV.
It`s almost like the time is still as well.Like life is on hold.
Silence. Oh , yeah.. the silence surrounded me.
I lighted lots of candlelights , and sat down and read a novel.
The lightning lasted for almost 3 hours, that`s the longest I`v ever experienced.
Fascinating weather!

juli 17, 2005

sunday,bloody sunday. (u2-sang)

For dinner I made "pizzasnurrer" ,
and brownies for dessert.
I`m full.
No poder más.

juli 13, 2005

I`m home alone.

it`s stil raining outside -

plans for today:
-lie on the sofa and watch movies
-eat and drink
-relaxe (pic.taken some minutes ago.)
-water the plants inside

juli 11, 2005

eep! its a good day 2day.

My littlebrother bought a bicycle today,
we went to Dale, a village nearby with a small shoppingcenter.
We didn`t think we should find a cycle he would like there,
but hEy, we did!
3500,- , good quality, "Scott".

I bought myself a "bikini" !
adidas, in blue& light-pink - yeah, i know,
im such a sweet one ;O

juli 09, 2005



how fantastic this weather is,

i`m ill,
and I have to stay in bed.

I haven`t done a thing, just `laxing..

At 19.00 we was invited to a garden-party at my aunt,Sissel and uncle, Atle.
Her birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated it today.
We ate elk-beef with lots of "stuff" at the fireplace in their garden, it was a lovely meal!!
I think we all over-ate ourselves!!

I just came in,
had to write some words..

- and now I think I have to go to bed again , cause im actually exhausted.
And i`m not feeling to good,
my neck and back ,and my abdomen hurts real bad.
I`ve got a heavy headache and..

.. actually my whole body hurts at the moment. So I think I`ll stop here,
or I will continue complaining all night.

g`night ;)



I know I didn`t write u yesterday, but I was away all day.
Myself, Peter, Erlend&June went to Bergen early in the morning. (my brothers, and the oldest one`s girlfriend)
June had never been to Bergen before, so we had to show her the great city between the seven mountains.I love Bergen, it`s the second largest city in Norway - but yet it is a intimate and not too big city. Bergen is known for it`s rainy days and every "Bergenser" (the people who live in Bergen) owns an umbrella .

But we were lucky and the weather was -perfect- .
She saw Bergen at its best.

At first we went craZy in IKEA, I bought some candlelights, a tea-set and a jar, to have flowers in outside my door in my apartment, in Førde. June bought several things, she had never been there either. A special day for her =)
..and then we ate at "Friday`s", the guys had some incredible,gigantic burgers! I had a salad with chicken and olivebread, it was good.

Even if we live only a couple of hours from Bergen, we behaved as tourists, and we went on a tourist attraction, --> Fløybanen. We cooled down with a soda/icecream and enjoyed the breathtaking view.

And before we left the beautiful city, we had to see the fish-market - u can actually see and choose fish,crabs and lobster moving around in the tubs. And taste shrimps if u like, and then buy some more if it tempts.

It was a good day.

juli 07, 2005

what a day..what a view!

Today it`s my littlebrothers birthday, 16years old! A real charmer and handsome boy i`ll say.
I`m gonna give him some money, he`s saving 2 a bicycle and he needs some more cash!

It`s a beautiful day,
The fjord is glittering in the sun, and the temperature is perfect.

I`m wearing a green,linen-dress..relaxed kinda dress and my hair in a ponytale ;O

(and today im going to my physic therapist again,juhu)

juli 06, 2005


It has been a peaceful and lazy day..
it`s misty and rainy outside.
I really enjoy this weather.

I have been drinking water all day,
and eating carrots.
My skin is to become perfect.
(well,thats my plan)
But my stomach and mind r screaming for some SUGAR and chocolate!!! *eep*
..and I guess I`ll manage this healthy-idea till tomorrow,
but then I have to get some junk and sugar. *shivers*