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mai 15, 2008

Kversteinsparken i Hyllestad

This park is called "The millstone park". It is 10minutes from my house.

You can experience a stonecutter's life a thousand years ago. Clad in Viking clothes, in evocative surroundings, you can cut stone, be a smith, mill your corn by hand, bake Viking bread on a bonfire, make your own Viking soup and enjoy a shared meal around a crackling bonfire. The visit to stonecutters' camp includes a guided tour of the historical quarry in Kvernsteinsparken (the millstone park) and a tour of the Åfjordstein works, where you can see how the millstone can be used in a new, modern design.The camp is organised for exciting, natural games for children and adults.The visit to the stonecutters' camp is an experience out of the ordinary, allowing you to participate personally in history a thousand years back in time. Many groups, and tourists pay for a day like this.. it is absolutely worth it. you can also walk around by yourself like we did that day, cause it is open all the time.. even if it's not anything happening there it is a beautiful park.
(on the picture beneath is my mum, she is a teacher in the children-school, and they have projects and have been there alot in the park, guiding for tourists and other schools, making viking soup, and bread and all that..)

( For a guided tour; Price Adults NOK 300. Children 5-13 years old NOK 200.

Children under 5 free)


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