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mai 04, 2008

Take a chance on "P.S. I Love You".

there has been so much discussion on this film that i wasn't sure what type of movie i would be seeing - a drama, romance or comedy. the movie has all three - the film takes you on an emotional journey, one that everyone can relate to, losing someone you love and learning to cope with the loss is universal. this is definitely a chick flick that will not only make you cry, but make you laugh, plus the women will fall in love with Gerard Butler. Gerard was excellent in his part and Hilary did a fine job as well. at first i didn't think Hilary could pull off the romantic comedy role, but in the end you get use to her doing it. Hilary actually makes you feel her pain and how devastated she was when her husband died. i guarantee you that you will tear up during several scenes!! you will not be disappointed with the film. it is not an academy award winning film, but it is a tearjerker and definitely makes you go home and hug your significant other and be happy to have them in your life.
"P.S. I Love You" is one of the best romantic comedies in a long while, that has a great love story. Richard LaGravenese tells a wistful and touching tale with amazing performances and chemistry by Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler.


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