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april 19, 2008

Bergen on a Sunny Day!

So this is probably the most lousy film you'll ever see.. i didn't edit it much, just put together many clip from earlier today when Sylvia and I walked around in the city. Enjoy :D

Today is Tommy's birthday!!! WOHO, Happy birthday my dear brother-in-law. I guess my sister has made you delicious food and cakes, i know you're having a birthdayparty at your house today - next year i will make it to your birthday, cause then i live in Oslo!!! :)


  • At 20 april, 2008 06:34, Blogger Marquitos said…

    No puedo creer esta casualidad!!... me encanta esa ciudad... y no quiero morirme sin conocerla...

    Buen video casero... sobre todo la musicalizacion jajaja.

    Un abrazo desde Argentina

  • At 21 april, 2008 18:38, Blogger Cate said…

    great video!!!

  • At 21 april, 2008 20:11, Blogger Marte said…


  • At 21 april, 2008 22:45, Blogger Fleurr De Lux said…

    It's not lousy! It's cute! Your city looks really nice, Norway looks nicer than Canada!
    We <3 the blog!

  • At 23 april, 2008 14:46, Blogger Peter said…

    You could have shown a bit more of you and your friend (Bryggen I know)! :-) Nice anyhow, put me in good mood!

  • At 23 april, 2008 19:40, Anonymous Dostaney said…

    Tack detsamma:) förresten vet du om det kostar och vara medlem i blogspot?


  • At 24 april, 2008 19:59, Blogger Maria said…

    Bergen på sitt beste!!!
    Ingen vår i bergen uten buekorps.
    Det blir nok trist å flytte men godt å ha gode minner.

  • At 25 april, 2008 13:34, Blogger Crashdummie said…

    heheh det var nog en av de mest originella o underbara videon jag har sett - loved it!

    Btw, was it you who was humming? dude, u got a lovely voice :) Bergen really lookz lovely. yay for the sun and the spring that has sprung.


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