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mars 31, 2008

how my heart behaves

i hate not knowing what to do, or what i'm doing.. or how i feel. but i do know how i feel, you can't not know how you feel.. can you?deep down, you know.
sometimes, i want to feel something i don't feel, or the other way around.i, sometimes try to decide on what to feel, cause my mind wants me to. i ignore my heart, overlook my feelings - and decide to feel this and that.
that is incredible stupid of me to do. cause in the end i have to listen to my heart, i should do it from the start.but then again, my heart is kinda annoying at the time, it keeps going on and on,and on about the same wonder i ignore it or shut it up now and then. but i should listen more, so i wouldn't mess things up more then it allready is.. or waste too much time.

It is not always easy when your mind tells you what's right, and your heart disagrees. I got to have a serious talk with'em soon-they have to kiss&make up and become bestfriends again;)


  • At 31 mars, 2008 21:03, Blogger Magga said…

    I think I understand what you are describing. No, it`s not at all easy to understand one`s heart and mind in all situations.I hope everything will turn the best out for you, my little dear!Take one little step at a time.Thinking og you!


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