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mars 24, 2008

i had a blast in Førde saturday night!!

i had so much energy on saturday, and i wanted to do i jumped on the bus to Førde, and visited Åshild and her boyfriend Vegard. it was so nice to see her again, i had a really good time,girl ;) He's with the band, 'Jewels Of Glory' - and they were playing that night at 'pikant'. we were on the guest list, free entrance! they were excellent! the vocalist has a distinctive voice which i imagine is one you will either like or you won't. personally, i love it! Check it out!


  • At 26 mars, 2008 22:19, Blogger Crashdummie said…

    låter som en underbar sätt att spendera påskhelgen på! :)

    So do you guyz have snow? its like winter wonderland here!


  • At 27 mars, 2008 03:08, Blogger Regine said…

    Ja,det var topp!

    Snøa ein del no faktisk, men det e nok ikkje like mykje snø som hos deg! Liker du snø? I don't! Vært ein del snø no siste 4-5 dagene.Brrrr!!


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