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april 18, 2008

I am moving from Bergen

Going to miss Bergen, my friends, all the shopping malls(!!), my favourite cafè&pub, the street i live in and the city. i'm moving home to mum. home to the delicious dinners&everything my mum is making in the kitchen. home to the countryside.home to the beautiful nature..with the fjord and the mountains.home to hiking. home to my cute, fat cat. home to my room and dear bed. home.

going to stay there till august, and then i have to find a place in Oslo. Oslo is the capital in Norway, so it is bigger then what i'm used to. big and scary. but i am looking forward to it, i can hardly wait. i'm going to study there,and after a year i'll be a skin-&body-therapist.i want to open my own spa some day.. at least that is my dream.

so maybe i'll give you some tip about skin & different kind of treatments in here, after i've learned something in school, if you like? :)


  • At 18 april, 2008 18:01, Anonymous Marte said…

    I would like that very well..! I have had a lovely and fun time her with you, and Sylvia of course. Gonna miss our shopping tours, partys and your good mood..Hope you get a good time in Oslo, and maybe you will get a visit from me over there..I have to learn a few trick you know!

  • At 18 april, 2008 20:45, Anonymous sylvia said…

    Marte, din engelsk har komt seg!Tritrans har vel en finger med i spillet under skrivingen av dette regner eg med høhø..neida:)

    Ja, vi har hatt det fint. Blir litt trist at du reiser så langt bort i grunnen, men sånn e no det bare. Du får ha masse lykke til i Oslo. Eg e sikker på at du blir en dyktig hudpleier=)

  • At 18 april, 2008 22:39, Anonymous Marte said…

    tritrans is fabulous! have a nice evening both of you:=)

  • At 18 april, 2008 23:24, Blogger Regine said…

    Thank you SO much for the lovely comments, girls;) really apriciate it.going to miss you!
    ..and i hope the girl i found (who is taking over my room) is a nice person :D

  • At 19 april, 2008 12:57, Blogger Cate said…

    wow, you're going to open your own spa? i'll travel to norway and go there ^^ and i think the big city and the countryside both have their advantages, so enjoy your home while you're there - and i'm sure oslo will be cool too!

  • At 19 april, 2008 20:35, Blogger The Clothes Horse said…

    Oslo sounds exciting. Personally I adore moving, but it can be frightening. Good luck with the transition.

  • At 19 april, 2008 23:55, Blogger Magga said…

    Velkommen heim, Ginus!!Lykke til med flyttingen.
    Du blir sikkert en flink hudpleier med mange fornøyde kunder:)
    Vi snakkes over tekoppen søndag kveld da!!
    Klem fra mam

  • At 24 april, 2008 01:45, Blogger Kool Thing said…

    Oh I'm sorry you're going to miss everyone! But you'll keep blogging right? Sometimes, I'd like to move home to my mother where I can eat her food and play with my dog! But studying and work means I have to stay in the city :(


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