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april 10, 2008

Dagens middagstips

Du kan jo ta ka grønnsaker du vil, ta det du liker..
sikkert veldig godt med lime, løk osv.. det eg hadde i formen var;
- Gulrøtter
- Poteter
- Brokkoli
- Sopp
(og ørret så klart..)

Del opp grønnsakene og legg dei i bunnen av formen,
hell over litt olje. Krydre fileteene godt, og legg dei oppå grønnsakene. Ha lokket på og sett formen inn i ovnen på 200grader i tja.. en liten time.på slutten kan du godt ta av lokket så det får litt meir farge og blir litt sprøere på toppen,fks.dei siste ti min. Bon Appètit ;)

..and in english;
it is not important to have the exactly same
vegetables as me, subtract or add something new if you like. like onions, squeeze a lime over it ++ this is what i had;
- Carrots
- Potatoes
- Broccoli
- Mushrooms
and the fish ofcourse. it looks like salmon, but i had trout.
Cut the vegetables in slices,and put it in the pot and pour some oil over it. spice it with salt and pepper and place them on top of the vegetables. put the lid on and in the oven. 200degrees in approximately one hour. the last ten minutes you can gladly take off the lid so it will be more crispy and colourful.
Bon Appètit ;)

So this is what i had for dinner today. I'm as PROUD as i can be. you see, i've never liked seafood.. i only eat fish when i -have- to.. like dinnerpartys and stuff. And suddenly i wanted fish, and i bought 4 pieces of trout and made me and my roommate, Marte a lovely dinner.
Today i made history!! i was excited, and didn't have high hopes for it. but you know what? it was really,
really good! I kid you not. i was so surprised.
Cured? weeell, let's not get ahead of ourselves..
i like trout and salmon, but that is as far as i go.


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