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april 01, 2008

April Fool's Day

Even how prepared i am: every year someone tricks me into believing this&that. especially my mum, she is an expert. i am sure she'll kid me into believing all kinds of things tomorrow even how prepared i am.she doesn't only do it once, last year she got me 5-6times. she tells all kind of stupid things, that could be true, so if you're gonna play a trick one someone, it is easier to tell them something that is not totally unrealistic, but something that might actually be true..
i thought it was fun making up crazy jokes when i was younger, but i dont think it's so much fun anymore.. i will not trick you into anything.because i think it's stupid.


  • At 01 april, 2008 12:13, Blogger Magga said…

    Sorry!!Ble forresten godt lurt av elevene mine idag!Artig-etterpå!
    Klem og smil fra mim

  • At 02 april, 2008 00:58, Blogger di.di said…

    i miss the april fool...

  • At 02 april, 2008 01:48, Blogger Regine said…

    hehe,du klarte no å lure meg noken gange du mamma som alltid!!

    di.di - you do? did you fool anyone today ? :)

  • At 03 april, 2008 13:10, Anonymous Erlend said…

    Mum loves April Fool's day like a bear loves the honeyjar. I do not remember how many April 1sts she fooled me into believing there was a moose in the driveway or a crow in the kitchen. In fact, I suspect her of spending the entire March 30th making lists of what she was going to fool us with the following day. Ah, those were the days... :)

  • At 03 april, 2008 23:03, Blogger Regine said…

    haha.. thats mum alright!!


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