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april 17, 2008

Saturday night

I live with two girls, and last saturday we had a surprise-party for Marte. (20 years old) she went out with her boyfriend on a fancy restaurant, romantic dinner for two.. priceless look on her face when they came back, and she entered the apartment and we yelled SURPRISE & sang 'happy birthday to you'. Marte is the girl in the left corner on top of the collage. it is i & sylvia(the other room-mate) on the picture next to marte&her boyfriend. We didn't have much time to prepare it, because Marte was home all day :P heheh.. we had less then 2 hours to bake, decorate the room with balloons, dress, put on make-up ++ but it went well!
3 hours later we went out, and we had a great night!! :) ..and here are some of the pictures from that night before we left the apartment.

look at me, what a jaw.. you can almost see my uvula!

here we are safe back home late at night/early in the morning, tired and hungry!!


  • At 17 april, 2008 05:04, Blogger Rose said…

    wow all of you must been having a great time huh~ all of you look so happy!

    well funny is my friends birthday is just on this sunday and we're going to throw a surprise too!

  • At 17 april, 2008 17:10, Anonymous Marte said…

    va ein heil fantastik kveld regine .. ha ha .. å so masse nydelige bilder!

  • At 17 april, 2008 17:13, Blogger Regine said…

    rose: hehe, yeah, it was alot of fun!!

    cool - i hope it'll be a great party!!

    marte :D
    å jada, vi e så nydelige atte!!

  • At 17 april, 2008 20:02, Blogger Kool Thing said…

    Nice use of the word "uvula"! I never get the chance to use that word and it's a good one!


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