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september 28, 2007

do you know, and this is a fact: this is Day nr.2 since i moved here, without rain! ..and i've been living here since the 22th of August. Isn't that sick? i know i'm known for loving rain&storm and everything, but i do have my limits! i've enjoyed to be able to go outside the last days without the umbrella in my hand, fighting against the is always rain&wind at the same time, so the umbrella twists, and you look like a fool walking down the street with your hair in your mouth,eyes.. and the wind turning your umbrella inside out. the other day on my way to school, the wind destroyed my umbrella within a few seconds of time,looking like this, and i had to throw it in the trash. In Bergen.. you should always carry an umbrella in your purse even if it's sunny when you step out - you never know! Bergen is fabulous on sunny days. it is a city with soul and charm. definitely a city to visit if you've not been here yet.

september 27, 2007

it's a beautiful day, don't let it get away ;)

september 20, 2007

i miss Førde.. i knew i'd miss it - but not as much as this. i miss the quiz-night at wednesdays.the one and only place to go out on saturdays 'tresken' (call me crazy.) my workplace&colleages.the apartment i used to live in.the city&the people.friends. the funny thing is that, when i lived there, i was sick and tired of 'tresken', work, the city and the same people.. stupid,right? still.. i miss it.. somehow.
Bergen is nice though.i have friends around me, the school is ok, it is more to do here and a lot more shoppingcenters.. but everything costs money, and it is more expensieve to live in bergen than førde.i hate the broke-part of living here.

-> oh man.its thundering and lightning outside - i looove this weather (read:when i'm inside,safe&dry) it is pouring down, hitting my bedroomwindow like hail.. i can see the lightning flashing through the curtains.only thing missing is to curl up next to your boyfriend..

september 18, 2007

here are som pictures from my birthdayparty with some of my girlfriends a few weeks ago - this is in our new apartment. we still have a lot to do, like.. tv&pictures on the walls, curtains (!) ++

september 16, 2007

did you know?

3 out of 2 people - don’t understand fractions ;)

september 13, 2007

i had so much on my program yesterday,and i didn't have any time to this is for yesterday; there's is only now.there's is only here.give it to love, or live in fear. no other other way. no day but today! ;)

september 10, 2007

i found this smashing cafè,you have nooo idea!!

the other day when i was walking around i found this retro cafè in a narrow valley,
and i thought to myselfe that i had to get back there with a friend and check it out.i'm glad i found the way back to the cafè today, and as i entered it, i was back in the was just fab!!i loved it.i dig it.this is the place i wanna hang and drink milkshake&have pancakes after school, have a beer before i head out at to a party a night, or a cup cocoa one boring sunday afternoon when nothing else is happening. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

september 07, 2007

No titlE

as you can see, i do everything but my homework.. finally it's friday!me and sylvia r maybe attending a concert tonight if there's tickets left "the superfamily" - tomorrow we'r going to celebrate my birthday, it was at the second of september. i'm 23 years old now. have a jolly good weekend!!

september 06, 2007


it is funny to see how much i've changed in a couple of years - this is from a trip to visit dad in Ireland when he lived,my sister and her husband. inbetween the pictures,you'll see me being silly in front of the camera.. it is one saturdaymorning with lots of energi,rufflehead,no make up and so on.. so.. this is me.stupid ideas and nothing to do really.. i guess some will be a bit surprised, cause it's just foolish!! thats why im posting it - i cant always just post pics that i look good on.. cause everyone is silly sometimes.. and this is typical me. it's just so many ppl who never get to see it.