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august 30, 2006

i have no longer any problem to figure out what to do, i feel like theres no time left to just sit around doing nothing. + all the homework, training, work, things i`ve started to do regular, like quiznight, 'bingo' :P and also a lot on my mind. but, even if i feel kinda exhausted n`tired im having fun!

august 20, 2006

do i know the time, when my school start tomorrow? check!
stationery? (exercise book, pen/pencil etc) check!
sold my books from last year? check minus! ( i AM actually, TOMORROW to a girl named Cathrine.)

august 19, 2006

few pics from today,littlebro going to a boarding school 1, 2, 3 --
eg va tidleg opp i dag. d e skikkelig fint ute, fjorden ligge heilt stille - duggdråpa på trea og i graset. d e så fantastisk stille og fredeleg at d nesten e litt... .som om alt holde' pusten.stille før stormen? - vi ha pakka bilen. skal ete frokost, og så drar vi md peter(lillebror) og flyttelasset til sygna(skulen han går på)nesten 2t å køyre. .. få han til rette der, vere med på ein åpningsfest - so d bli seint når eg og mamma e tilbake ikveld.

august 18, 2006

..2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 +10
it is good to be home for the weekend.proper meals, the is healthy to be home.cause then i`m outdoors much more.. in the garden, hiking, at the beach ++ -- sunny n`mellow today. i`ve had 2 days off now, sure felt good. I start school at monday, new school.. Hafstad Vgs (allmenfaglig påbygging) - it`s gonna be tough.. til example: 15hours a week with math! I simply have to tell myself that this`s gonna be real fun.i have to tell myself : I love math. I love it! ..when i buy my mathbook im gonna kiss caress&kiss it ;O
a friend of mine from Bergen,Sylvia moved to Førde just recently, i`m glad, finally a person to work out & hang out with. i dont know anyone who`s going to study the same as me.. not scary, a bit boring in the start the same time i like that i dont know anyone there.. maybe i know someone too, time will show.hope i`ll meet someone who`s both intelligent n`fun !
well, i cant sit her all day in fron of the computer in this fine weather.. my littlebro`S waiting for me,it seems like it was very boring,cause he`s fallen asleep sweet.gotta wake him n`run, jump into the fjord..then up the mountain n`home till it`s dinner.cant miss dinner.
by the way..
wanna hear some real music? norwegian guys, but ofcourse!no but, im impressed.. not cause their norwegians, or that they in fact r from the same county as me.. listen, their good. they have this distinctive genre within rockmusic :

august 09, 2006

kinda chilly today.. wearing jeans n`leatherjacket. tonight im going to pikant, been there every wednesday the last weeks. it`s a quiz-night, and the drinks r cheap. much to do today as well, gotta work..

august 07, 2006

even if it was raining it was a marvellous wedding, the tent was watertight n`everything was just .. perfect. it was a big tent, yet so intimate and nice. all the candlelights made this romantic atmosphere.the food was delicious.the decorations was sweet and everything matched.. my sister is clever.
before.. 1, 2 ,3 .. - 4
afterwards: 1 ,2 ,3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ,14 ,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 , 21.

august 06, 2006

..finally i can tell, it has been hard not to tell anyone.. but now it shows anyway: My sister is pregnant!!! they`ve tried for years, so it`s smashing news, i`m to be an aunt!im SO is oh so cozy to be around her, to c her tummy growing, only 10weeks ,early, but still: it shows!
the bridegroom.. and here - tommy(brother in law) and Andrew,his best man(Scottish).
today`s the day for Erlend & June <3>3 the atmosphere is ful of nerves, exitement and joy. the weather is actually a bit cloudy, but the temperature is fine - it wont be bright sun and too hot today as the other days, typically, but it`ll be nice:) we have a big tent in the garden , candles, flowers, n`so many sweet details that makes it just.. perfect. Maria,my sister is a florist, and she`s working on the corsages and the bridalbuquet right now.. she began at 07.00! (pic from last night of her) i got up at 07.00 too, i like to get up early. had breakfast for hours, helped Maria out a bit,she`s given me easy tasks that i can handle.. =)
..this is my
dress, shoes&purse. it fits my haircut.oldfasion-style.i like that. simple.

august 04, 2006

..12.15 my ass. still working!! *sigh* i just got to work trough my mailbox first, i cant feel peace if i know my mailbox is ful. ( mail at work.)
it`s totally been the best summer in 60 years i`ll assure u - the weather`s been fabulous - to bad im working all day :D today im off at 12.15, jeey! my brother`s getting married sunday, going home tonight.. either i`ll take the bus or i`ll get a friend to pic me up. i guess it`s ful chaos home at my mums place, it`s going to be a garden-wedding, intimate and cozy. i have not had any holliday, just been working.. i had 6 days at the hospital a few weeks ago - it was oh so boring. (pics beneath this post, examined of heartdiseases, and my scooter,my beloving vespa.. isnt it hot?;) well , i gotta work now - MUCH to do!

pics from the last weeks.