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you see: it`s about me, REGINE.

mars 31, 2006

oh joy!

How horrible it is to fall asleep with this heavy headache,
and then wake up with it even worse.
..and how delightful it is to take a shower,'wash and wipe' it all away and then feel like a whole new person.fresh and clean:)
but then again, how boring it is to feel like u`r stuffed of energy and strength and then after school not has anything to use it on,or any plans. it`s weekend u guys - not going home this time either, stay put in Førde - and i hope i`ll get some quality-time with Øyvind;) but im not sure yet of what his plans r yet. Outside: shiny, sharp air, n` blue sky. Spring, i can smell u!

mars 30, 2006

smarte sitat (åå så mojjo)

"Jeg tar aldri på meg et par sko før jeg har gått med dem i minst et par måneder. "
"Si at de skal stå tettere fra hverandre. "
"Alle burde gifte seg. Ungkarslivet er ikke noe for en enslig mann."
Samuel Goldwyn.
..Get all the fools on your side, and you can be elected to anything

mars 27, 2006

visste du at..

..den norske gjennomsnittskvinnen kjøper 3,9 truser i året og 1,8 BH-er? y-yikes.kinda unpleasant.

tomorrow: Mock Exams,wish me luck! it is a case/task,that contains 5 subjects (hygiene, diseases, pharmaceutical, service and ethics + socialinstruction) we got a few sentences from the case this morning,so we can read and write some notes.all we know is that its about a man,36years old.He is suffering from a chronic disease,we dont know what kind of disease.He has had it since he was 8years old.His wife is very supporting, and she says that "its not most important of how u r,but how u`r dealing with it!".Thats about all we know.Go,figure! yeah i know,frustrating!how the f.. should i know what it is this man,Gunnar is suffering from! .. well, i cant write about everything,we cant have more notes with us then 2 sheets of paper,front&back.Limitied cause of the space.I think maybe, maybe it`s diabetes or rheumatism.I sure hope so,cause thats the two diseases i`v written about,i have to write about other subjects too.Thrilling.If it`s asthma or anything else i`v not taking notes of,i`ll be MAD, i`ll be bloody mad i tell ya.Fingers crossed.I just dont wanna have good grades, i want it to be perfect;O doesnt everyone?On wednesday it`s mock exams in the subject: norwegian.oh joy, what a week..full-time-plan.

mars 22, 2006

Im confused.The task we got is huge and it`s not good formulations, so we c diffrent ways in writing it - been talking and discussing the "case" for over 1hour, and now i'm even more confused - the time is ticking, and at 3 o`clock we are to hand it in.It is so comprehensive and theres so many things to write back and forth concentration,where is it?i cant seem to gather my mind around anything :/ i have to begin.
(p.s., its tons and tons of snow outside,been snowing all night.)

mars 21, 2006

oh man!.. surfin on the net.trying to find this particulary im frustrated,i want this jakcet so bad.and i want it NOW.noone has it.everyone is sold out or something.. bleh..

today`s subjects r oh so boring, and my teacher is killing me softly with her indescribable dull way in lecture. - on top of everything; it`s snowing outside.
tomorrow we have this writing-rehearse-day, a "case" about some people with their problems, and then we`r gonna write all day,give advice and use all the facts and things we`v learned till now. The title is "How is your life gonna be with a chronic disease?" We know that a person in the task is suffering from rheumatism, so i read about it some days ago. clever girl, doing her homework;O

mars 20, 2006

just had gymnastics - my hair is a mess, and i feel like i need a few more minutes in front of the mirror before i'm comfortable with myself. but theres no class to go,the teacher wants attention.

mars 19, 2006

Leirvik-Lavik by car. Bus: Lavik-Førde. Arrival: 16.00.
Today: Sunny, Blue Sky, Sparkling Fjord, My Cat is Sunbathing in the Garden, a Fine Sunday :)

mars 18, 2006

Saturday morning :)

Good morning world!, it is misty and cold outside, the fjord is still and grey.The snow is almost gone, just some white spots here and there.. It is peaceful in the house,for now - the 4 boys r asleep-me,Maria and mum r up.. their dressed and proper and r making breakfast in the kitchen.i'm still in my PJ's,all my clothes r to be washed,i dont have a washingmachine at my flat u c!..therefore i dont know what to wear today`ll be in my nude then.

It is nice to hang out with the family, just my dad who`s missing, wish he could be here too-but he`s in Ireland.(yeah,he lives there)
Maybe we`r gonna visit him soon,me and my littlebro - not sure yet.
Well, i'm going to take a shower,have breakfast ,- and then i have to do some homework.. cause theres so much stuff to do in the week to come,therefore i thought i should do some of it now in the weekend, so that my week is to be liveable.

mars 10, 2006

Dagens Ord

' Mennesket må finne seg selv,
for at kunne møte den andre - og det er i møtet med den andre,
man møter seg selv.'

hi u guys!
just did a test in a subject called "hygiene", umh, it wasnt easy, i mean.. it was oh so complicated and frustrating!!
WEEKEND.woh,it came so niCe.

mars 09, 2006

i bought a corset last saturday, sweet,yeah? i know, the pic sucks. mms-pic.

me HEART øyvind ;O
yup,still in love,
he`s indescribable good to me.

mars 06, 2006

saturday was an success ;O it was funn alright.a few bruises and a bit sick sundaymorning :P
its been snowing real heavy the last days.

mars 03, 2006

"it happened on a friday afternoon.." nanaa..

I am SO going out tomorrow night.
I am SO going to get drunk.
I am SO going to dance.
me and Anne Grete r SO going to rock tha dancefloor.
I am SO going to have junkfood afterwards :D
have a great weekend u guys!