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november 29, 2006


it feels like its been raining since school started
-ENOUGH allright!!
my dad has been all over the world the past five years.. til example the netherlands, england, china, ireland and now it`s vietnam.. he starts out his new job on the 18th of december in a greenhouse in dalat, a city 1500meters above is far, far away.. i actually hoped for denmark.
here is some pictures from dalat that i found on the net 1, 2 ,3. map. other pics from vietnam 1, 2 ,3 & 4. website.

november 27, 2006

happy birthday dad :)
-and welcome back to norway!(he`s staying for a week or so)
no seriously, i dont think i have reached the stage where i shop like a maniac and end up buying things i wont ever get to wear.

only recently i've learnt how absolutely enjoyable shoe shopping can be - and this from a person who not so long ago wore quite satisfied with a few pairs or so.. what on earth was i thinking?how couldnt i care? =P i realised the other day that i do have a size-able collection of footwear. dizzying platforms, clunky block heels, flirty kitten heels and a variety of flats. i have a fear of heights, so heels are actually a no-no ..but i can manage a not so graceful splat in flats just as well. why discriminate disgrace on the basis of heels? equal opportunity and all.
i am not a shopoholic because i dont get an urge to go out and spend money. but if i do happen to go to a place where things are sold…and they accept plastic, well, i dont see why i am to blame. i take it a very serious responsibility, to keep the buck in circulation. aand if some banks think i am financially solvent and trust-worthy enough it becomes a matter of living up that trust. i dont think i run a risk of seeing my statements in red, my credit limit is kind of obscene.
so i am not a shopoholic. i spend within my limits. So i only buy books, online, and from bookstores and fairs, that i will read some time or the other in my life. and i’ve run out of book space in my room. if i invest in another bookshelf, it would not make sense to see empty shelves on it, some books to read and some to fill space. of course any one else’s books mine wont do, else it wont be MY bookshelf.
i am still not a shopoholic. i mean it’s only common knowledge that you have to colour/shade coordinate ur shoes and bags and wardrobes… so it’s actually a necessity in my case, an investment. who knows when that ghastly shade of green chapal may come in handy because i’ve bought a suit with small flowers in the same colour. and i am a career woman, i need a good wardrobe. new clothes dont remain new the moment you wear them…and woman should always have new clothes to spark up her mood. So.

i am not a shopoholic, every woman in her right mind knows it’s criminally insane and certifiable madness to step out of the house without a mascara. so three types of mascara to suit the mood and occasion are but a minimum requirement. and you do actually need eye liners in a multitude if shades and formulas…pencil ones, liquid ones depending on the look. i believe in being well-prepared for all situations. i mean what if i decide to wear a dress on which a bronzy blush would be definite no-no? so mochas and lilacs and pinks are other options. most of the times i go for the no-make up look, because it’s easy and does not take time. (wash face, step out, means buying facial cleansers and skin care essentials as skin moods dictate.)

see these are all but the bare essentials. and i dont buy like crazy. all sensible buys. and i dont have to hide my credit statements from my mother or smuggle new footwear in the house while pa’s not looking. or want to slap that silly smirk off my brothers face. in such times, i’m glad i have a sister who understands. because she knows that i am not a shopoholic ;)

november 26, 2006

pics of lazy chicks.. not any particular good ones actually (eldrid&sissel: no offence)

showery weekend, i`ve had my red boots on. what can i say, im in bergen.. tonight its been a real thunderstorm. i love them somehow - makes me feel scared and safe at the same time
,which is perfectly suited for my schizo mind.just sit back and look out the is perfect and calming. good night:)

november 24, 2006

how come we can get into tv series sooo badly?it has happened to me again, with "Greys Anatomy".i didnt think i would watch it more then once or twice.. but i`m nailed to the tv every tuesedaynight.i get so in to the series. i do the onlooker "ooohhh" - hand over mouth when something unexpected happens or the "ahhhh" when the couple get toghether.
sooo incredibly silly but don't we all need something to live out our fantasies?some people live by gaming others by music and its artists others by books. we all have a fantasy of who we want to be and living it through whatever media is the most within out reach and suits us best.

i just came back to reality - i`ve read the whole serie of 4 novels by sophie kinsella,about a shopoholic.. hysterical funny.
we all need a get-a-way and as long as it doesn't take over our lives it's probably a healthy thing that keeps us sane.
-nei til dop, ja til snop. (*kremt* ja.. ein lite produktiv dag kan ein sei.)

november 23, 2006

i gave my mum a thingy that u put water into, and it massasges ur feets and stuff like that - i dont know the word for it in english.. but directly translated it is named "footbath". to bathe ur feets in. anyway.. she used it tonight, but overdid the use of soap. it was funny.. look 1 + 2. it bubbeled all over,i had to get towels.

november 22, 2006

if u close ur eyes,what do u see? if u should picture urself a name or a person, who is the first to arrive in ur mind? if u look back while ur eyes r closed, what moments in ur life do u think of?why do u? if .. ++ -by asking myself these kinda questions, i found out a great deal last night of what i want in my life and what i stand for. even if some of my thoughts may be unrealistic i think it is better to know what i want, then not knowing and beeing surrounded by things and people in my life without knowing if it is right.

november 16, 2006

it`s oh so tempting to quit`s been a real catastrophe so far this year. i`ve consider the last months to drop my medicineschool-dreams.. to face the reality of my health and come up with something else. to open up a café.. but where and with who is the question. (and with what money..)

november 12, 2006

monty python

november 11, 2006

i didnt mean to..

i`ve been, and i am so freakin`edgy n`worked up lately.. it is a torture for both me and the ppl im surrounded by. what can i say? i hope it`ll pass..

november 10, 2006

i attended a funeral today. the mother of a friend of mine died saturday, 4th of november, 46 years old. she`s been suffering from cancer for about two years now.even if the chances were small, and she was very sick - it seems like it came unexpected to me that she died. - all week my thoughts have been with the family.

the ceremony was beautiful. so many fine words was said.there was not a single seat empty in the church, as a matter of fact they had to put in extra chairs all along both sides of the hall. the songs they`d picked out was nice and one of the two daughters sang amazing grace without was beautiful.

november 09, 2006

Danish language

hysterisk morsomt!

november 08, 2006

november 07, 2006

im old enough to be satisfied with what i have, and young enough to still want more; intelligent enough to understand that i still have a lot to learn, and ignorant enough to continually prove to myself that i still haven't.