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you see: it`s about me, REGINE.

februar 29, 2008

no other road
no other way



februar 27, 2008

my best wishes to you my dear ;)

Today i was going to post something about how hard is to find mr.right, and i asked the question if he exist and so on.. but then one of my best friends newly got engaged, and i thought i should congratulate them. i'll post the one i wrote about mr.right some other day instead.

i am so happy for you Eldrid, i cant believe you're getting married. or i had a sneaky suspicion,so i mailed you, and i asked if you were getting engaged, and i was pretty surprised actually when the answar was YES. I met Martin last summer, and i liked him, i was so relieved - he was fun, sporty as you, and i really had a good time that day i spend with you guys. The last couple of years you've been in USA, and i've missed you alot!ofcourse i hope you'll settle in Norway, but you never know where you end up girl. you are everywhere, seldom in a place longer then maximum a year ;O
this is so exiting.. what dress, what cake, what suit he's going to wear, how your hair will be(i'm picturing something natural and romantic) ..i've also wondered who your maid of honour will be (i'm guessing your sister maybe).. and i've allready thought about what to get you for your weddingpresent. as you can see i am pretty excited, and very happy for you. me and maria have been talking about it and picturing things.. you know us, we love weddings, details and planning. it is so fun. but it is also soo much to plan!!
you have an exiting, stressing and fun time in front of you.
Do not hesitate to ask me if you need any help, count me in sweetie ;)

februar 25, 2008

Nobody likes Mr.Sniffle

My sister and her son Noa(11months old) came almost a week ago, and their still here. it is so nice to have them here, they live too far away from us! i think they'll stay for another week:))
they are both sick, got the flu. my sister is exhausted, and so is he.. and so are we by now (my mum and i) - poor little thing wont recover. high fever, a bad caugh, and very snotty. he wont sleep, eat or anything. he's still high and low, active and super-cute.. just a bit more whining over nothing cause he's not feeling well poor kid,and that's natural. it cant be easy being a little baby.
Also he had tooth nr.3 on the way that showed up today actually, and that's been very painful for him. and i think he miss his dad, he is back home,working. but they've 'talked' on the phone,and we've showed him pictures.
now i've got it too. fever, soar throat and my ears, you know me.. me and my damn ears. otitis is in the air.. i hope to avoid it by taking a lot of medicin!

Music is medicin

februar 21, 2008


Check it out! norwegian girl-band.. folk/pop/rock-ish. I have to see them live some time - these girls Rock.


i had a long shower. peeling, haircure.. you name it! now i'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to&watching the wind and the rain..the fjord is wavy and the trees are dancing. i'm enjoying my third cup of tea, while reading the newspaper ;)

have a niCe day!

februar 19, 2008

they keep saying the right person will come along.... i think a truck hit mine!

februar 18, 2008

I Drink Your Milkshake

the movie is Nominated for 8 oscars, and it allready won a Golden Globe:Best Actor; Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel Day Lewis performance is in a league of its own. also Paul Dano gives a surprisingly mature performance, showing that he has come a long way since he played the silent teenager in Little Miss Sunshine,( did you see that one?) There Will Be Blood is not the type of story that gets told very often. a multi-layered portrait of all that comes with a desire for power. afterwards i was smiling, and i felt kind of exhausted and thrilled. you should go see this movie.
It is much better if you don't know what to expect. Except for blood.

februar 14, 2008

(happy) valentines day.. ;)

like we really need another day of the year to feel like shit because we're single; thank you effin' hallmark:D

februar 12, 2008

just another day there i was spittin' on my goldfish,trying to keep it alive

februar 11, 2008

today: laxing apparel

loose t-shirt - bik bok
glossy leggings - lindex
going to put on my scarf - bik bok,
black leather jacket&nike trainers, and head out. gonna try to get the vespa on the has been standing still under a tarpaulin all winter. it is sunny today as well as yesterday,but still a bit chilly.

februar 10, 2008

it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye.
it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry.
it's funny how forever never seems to really last.
it's funny how when you need someone they're never around.
it's funny how people forgive, even though they can't forget.
it's funny how ironic life turns out to be.
but the funniest part of all; is that none of that's funny to me..

Happy Mother's Day Mum, You're The Best =)

februar 08, 2008

uh-jeh!! ;))

i've been on an interview today at a school i applied on, in Oslo - it is not quite normal to do an interview to get into a school in Norway, but this particular school emphasize the students interests, and they prefer to meet the students.. then to see the school-leaving certificates. at first she said that she always thought about it for a few days before she took an decision - but in the end of the interview i got in! i am so pleased&excited!! oh yes, i forgot to tell you what kind of school it is..silly me! the name of the school is 'Beauty Skin Care School' .. it is one intensive year,and then i'm done. my dream is to start my own saloon some day, spa and skin care.

i have to move to Oslo - the capital. i've always thought it seemed a bit scary.. big city you know. but i guess it wont be long before i like it there. the school starts in august - and i'm really looking forward to it! this is what i want to do, it feels good to be on the right track again.

februar 07, 2008

..if i move to Oslo - i will attend lots of concerts!!

februar 05, 2008

my knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil.. but still; i adore him.