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mars 31, 2008

"Charlie bit me." Cute.

how my heart behaves

i hate not knowing what to do, or what i'm doing.. or how i feel. but i do know how i feel, you can't not know how you feel.. can you?deep down, you know.
sometimes, i want to feel something i don't feel, or the other way around.i, sometimes try to decide on what to feel, cause my mind wants me to. i ignore my heart, overlook my feelings - and decide to feel this and that.
that is incredible stupid of me to do. cause in the end i have to listen to my heart, i should do it from the start.but then again, my heart is kinda annoying at the time, it keeps going on and on,and on about the same wonder i ignore it or shut it up now and then. but i should listen more, so i wouldn't mess things up more then it allready is.. or waste too much time.

It is not always easy when your mind tells you what's right, and your heart disagrees. I got to have a serious talk with'em soon-they have to kiss&make up and become bestfriends again;)

mars 29, 2008

ok,i've finally decided. Norwegian it is. (i think)

..and i hated like shit. i actually registered on a swedish blog instead. (!) so if you want to visit my fashion blog; CLICK.

confused chick!

i dont know what language to use anymore.. i was going to have the blog about fashion in norwegian, then i wrote english without noticing..then i wrote in norwegian again, and suddenly i'd posted a new post in english etc.. i'm confused.i can't seem to decide on which language! i want to write in both.. i think i'll choose norwegian.NO,wait.. :O

mars 28, 2008

Green Street Hooligans

this movie is So much more than a brutally violent film. the story between the character, relationships, series of events, all put together made this nearly perfect! the movie is showing us that everyone need to stand for something,you fight the best you can; to protect whats dear to you. Pete(Charlie Hunnam) says to Matt (Elijah Wood) - ”You don't run, not when you're with us... You stand your ground and fight!” Brilliant acting, especially Charlie Hunnam. if you think Elijah Wood didn't fit in this movie,you're awfully wrong..i must admit that i was skeptic myself, still picturing him as frodo. Actually..his sweet, kind demure is what was so great about the character.and all the supporting actors were fantastic!! Charlie is perfectly charismatic . Claire, Marc, all the firm members, made it feel like i was watching something real and not manufactured. it's not about the violence and hurting someone's the reasons behind it, who you become, what you find out about yourself. the movie is bloody,with beautifully,brutal fights. Still..after seeing it, i want more. (by the way,i love their accent)

In the end i want to quote Matt Buckner:

”I've never lived closer to danger, but I've never felt safer. I've never felt more confident, and people could spot it from a mile away. And as for this, the violence? I gotta be honest - it grew on me. Once you've taken a few punches and realize you're not made of glass, you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go.”

mars 27, 2008


i am bored, and therefore i made a new blog! i have to find out how to change on some details, on the design.still working on it:D but you can still come and visit, even if not everything is how it's supposed to be.i'll still post in here, because this is the blog about me..the other blog is going to be mainly about FASHION <3

mars 24, 2008

i had a blast in Førde saturday night!!

i had so much energy on saturday, and i wanted to do i jumped on the bus to Førde, and visited Åshild and her boyfriend Vegard. it was so nice to see her again, i had a really good time,girl ;) He's with the band, 'Jewels Of Glory' - and they were playing that night at 'pikant'. we were on the guest list, free entrance! they were excellent! the vocalist has a distinctive voice which i imagine is one you will either like or you won't. personally, i love it! Check it out!

mars 21, 2008

Lapper. Det e godt =)

mars 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Noa :))

Noa turned one year old today!! I look forward to see you tomorrow!

mars 08, 2008

International Women's Day

Gratulerer med dagen! Congratulations!

"Stay in bed!" (Doctor's Orders)

do you take life for granted?i do, kind of.. most of the're just walking around, living your life, and then BOOM - something happens. maybe one in your family have cancer, a car accident or whatever..something that makes you think about life, and death, and how sudden it can change.something that makes you think about how fragile you are, how much you care for that someone and how incredibly many negative,what-if-thoughts that rushes through your mind in just a few seconds of time. i think i frightened my close ones thursday night.the last 3 days i'd been staying in bed,in the dark. i had to see the doctor, i was oh so diseased.i thought it might be migraine or otitis,or both at the same time.. 40minutes drive to the doctor - he examined me, and he called the hospital and talked very low so i couldn't hear.. he examined me again,and then he said that he suspected it to be meningitis(hjernehinnebetennelse), and to be sure, he wanted me to get examinated explicitely by experts. the ones i've heard of who's had the disease has died - but even if they thought i had it, i didn't think so..
- and then my driver had to take me to the hospital in Førde as well, thank you so much Mr. :)

a lot of examinations, a lot of doctors and nurses.. a lot of hustle and bustle :p more doctors entered the room, each one wanted to examine me, and do the same tests as the other ones.. then they had to call a doctor which was home and not on duty. noone had done the last test they had to do, they only knew how to do it in theory. they had to deplete(tappe) some (2,5glasses) fluid(spinalvæske) from my spine(ryggmarg), brain-fluid actually.. i had to lie in a special way,and to bend my back like a cat..(seen a cat in a catfight?bending their back,and the cathair stand up in the air) that it was easier to get the needle inbetween the bones(klotene).i took it without any narcosis actually, cause then i had to wait longer, and one of the doctors asked me "Are you tough?you look like you are tough".. and i said yes,ofcourse i am.. so therefore no narcosis. did it hurt? OH YES! IT DID, SIR!

so now i've seen my own brain-fluid, fascinating alright!!

i got the test-results yesterday; i didn't have it. i'm glad! I have a seldom virus-infection instead, so i have to stay in bed for a while. after taking out the fluid i must expect pressure&headache, pain in my back and so on.. i feel terrible. fever, pain, too much pressure in the head and back when i sit, walk, stand. boring to stay in bed/sofa all day,but i have to.
i had the choice if i wanted to stay in the hospital or to go home to mum - ofcourse i chose the second one. hospitals are boring, filled with sick ppl, and you often have to share room with old ladies who talks too much,caughing,and all other kind of 'bodysounds' ++

i'm home now, parked in the sofa in my room in front of the tv, with the laptop in my lap, all kind of food and drinks around me.. fruitplate, candy, cookies, slices of bread, tea,ice-tea, coke ++ and a phone to call mum downstairs if i need anything.

mars 06, 2008

wonderful news

My sister called - she and her husband,Tommy + little, dear Noa are coming for the easter holidays - woho!! looking forward to it :))

mars 04, 2008

you are so dear to me

you left almost an hour ago - and i miss you SO much already. it is always incredibly sad to say goodbye to my sister,Maria. i love having her around, it's like i never get enough.even if she's been here for two weeks now, i think she left too quick. with the distance and all, i actually dont see her seldom.. but ofcourse.. ca. 2-3months inbetween each time i see her. - i've tidied up in the livingroom, kitchen,the hall and in my room.. alot of babytoys,books, some clothes, his chair&bed.. there are traces from Noa everywhere - i really miss him !!

i'm going to Oslo to school in August, and then i'll get closer to them, to my father, to my brother,Erlend - and i'm looking forward to it. but then, i'll miss my mum and my littlebrother,Peter very much.. and my hometown. i'm glad i have such a nice family, i'm glad i have someone that i care for,and who cares for me - i love you guys!
- hugs and kisses from me, to you all ;)

mars 02, 2008

oh how it pleases me - the first few seconds when i wake up,and i feel a bit sleepy and awake at the same time.even better if it is storming outside as well.i love the morning.

..and to pick up Noa(my nephew) who just woke up,way too early by the way. warm&soft. it is so snugly when he put his arms around me, and wants to cuddle. aww - priceless feeling ;) even how tired you might be,you can't be mad at the little toddler who's smiling at you. i too want a baby.. i just gotta finish my education,and yes, most importantly; find a man.