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januar 29, 2008

if you have a boyfriend, a lover, a partner and it doesn't work out, you can break free and go on with your life, yes? But,
if your friendship with someone are getting either tiring or complicated, you don't tell them "it's over". you can't break up with a's just not how it's done. so what do you do when you feel like you're going mad.. how do you get out of it?you can't just say "this is not working out for me, i dont love you anymore" or "it's not you, it's me" it just seem silly to tell a friend that shit - so.. you're stuck with the person, and you just gotta hang in there. you can try to ignore them, or to pick a fight so you become enemies, but still; there should be a more classy way to break up with a friend; then make them hate you.

Veni, Vedi, Visa: I came. I Saw. I Did a Little Shopping.

januar 25, 2008 of those movies that just pulls at you.

take all the music, everything you've heard, read, seen in documentaries about Bob and throw them in a blender and pull them out and what you get is; "I'm not there". the more you do know about what's out there about Bob the more you'll be able to make the connections with the scenes in this beautiful movie about the poet, songwriter, and musician genius of the last 60 plus years. this is a great movie about a very complicated artist. - i loved Cate Blanchett. it was weird to see Heath Ledger, he had the second biggest part in the movie,he was great - and the thoughts of his death kept hitting is so unreal. also many other great actors such as Richard Gere, Julianne Moore, Christian Bale++

it is just one of those movies that just pulls at of those movies that doesn't stop when it's over.. it keeps running in the back of my mind. i believe that either you love the movie, or you feel it was a waste of time and money.

januar 23, 2008

GRÅ MUS (been to the hairdresser,and my hair became grayish!)

1 - 2 - 3

januar 20, 2008

pants - jean paul
bedpan - from the boutique; 'Ting'

januar 19, 2008

Om de ikkje såg episoden av serien 'Norges herligste' på tvnorge, då dei besøkte Oddvar Torsheim i Førde så må de nesten sjå det her òg.. når vi fyrst e i gong :D

januar 15, 2008

januar 12, 2008

Time: 19:12

Everyday at 19:12 i look at the watch - and when i see what time it is, i think about the year 1912,April 14 - The British ocean liner RMS Titanic strikes iceberg at 11:40 pm, and also i think about the Summer Olympics which were held in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden - and so on,you get the picture.(when i see the time,and i get a year out of putting the numbers together,i think about what happened that year.i cant help it-i just gotta list up everything in my head..and then i can go on.but this particular time 19:12 i never miss.)

januar 10, 2008

Do you want to get engaged?

before.. like in the 'old days' when my parents were young; if you wanted to get married, you got engaged first. if you were engaged, you definitely should marry the'd set the date together, plan and wait. from the moment you decide to marry a person, and choose that person - you're is the waitingtime till you can actually get married, cause if you want a wedding you have to plan a bit.. and save up some money maybe.
- now it is different. now you dont ask if the person wants to marry you, it seems like many decide to get engaged instead. the question is not "do you want to marry me?" but, "do you want to get engaged?"

i get all distraught when i meet people who's engaged and has no plans whatever marrying the guy/girl. many persons i know are engaged infinitely.. as long as it keeps them happy i guess - it is just interesting to see how time changes. in the old days it ment that you were going to get married - and now it is just a step further in the relationship,and it doesnt mean anything more then the fact that you are engaged.. and thats that."why do everyone keep asking about a wedding?!" :P

januar 09, 2008

The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan

januar 06, 2008

Across the universe

Yesterday i saw 'Across the universe' at the cinema. It is a musical, based on the songs of the Beatles. it was great, i loved it. you should go and see it if you have the chance! (personally i dont like to see the trailer before i see the movie, it divulge too much.but i know most people like to check out the trailer first; press the link if you want to see it.)

januar 02, 2008

people come, people go

sometimes it feels like i look around with a new pair or eyes.cause even if i've seen it before; it sure looks different, or it is whole new to me. it is weird when it happens. suddenly something attracts me, suddenly i notice something that's always been is more apparent then it used to - i pay attention to it, i listen - and i watch. and the things or people i used to be attentive too; slowly fades away without me noticing, watching the new discovered things and people.