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april 30, 2007

They say; girls can never have too many shoes. I absolutely see why. Cause even if you’ve had too much sweets and junk for a little while and can’t fit your jeans any longer, you can always comfort yourself by buying a new pair of shoes. Your feet won’t put on any weight, even if your butt has gone up a few sizes. It’s easy to argument on why you should treat yourself expensive shoes. You can have them for like.. a long time, and not to mention how much more better they are for your back. You can’t put a price tag on your health, can you now?

april 28, 2007

I stumbled over this solo-artist; 'feist' the other day, the tune playing in the background.
yeah, and one thing..
i want to die like my grandfather not screaming like the passengers on his bus.

april 27, 2007

celebritys also have shitty days, thank God!

having a bad hairday or feeling anything but attractive? here is something to cheer you up girls ;O
I saw “The Last King of Scotland” the other night.. it is about Uganda when President Idi Amin ruled. It was rough, violent, actually a bit funny in between the action, and it was also educational. If you didn’t see it yet, you should.

I was thinking while I watched it, how little I actually know about Africa. It is the worlds second-largest, and the second most-populous continent after Asia. I know Africa’s geography, I know a little bit about some of the countries. Like the known safaris in Kenya. Aids and HIV. South Africa and gold. Nelson Mandela. The Sahara dessert. Egypt with it's pyramids, the Alexandria library, the river Nile and all the camels. I’ve read about Idi Amin before, so I knew a bit about that. I know about all the poverty, the diseases, people living in lousy conditions. Kids who can’t be kids, but in an age of for example 8 years old, has full responsibility of their siblings and father because their mother died while taking birth.

There are far too many people in this world suffering because of the war & violence, sickness, and poverty. Yes, there is a great deal of people in similar situations in other part of the world like South America, Asia and some in Europe as well. What’s special about Africa is that almost the whole continent is struggeling. My heart bleeds for Africa. For all the people living in the dessert; starving, sick, dying.

If I get to become a doctor some day, I’ll dedicate some years of my life in Africa. I feel pin rotten sitting here in my dry, warm apartment, with a television and laptop. The fridge full of food and drink. A bed, a toilet, all my clothes and shoes and ..stuff. With a bottle of coke in my hand. Counting down the days to my summer Holliday which goes to Rhodos, Greece.
- It makes you think..
It makes you see how perfectly fucking lucky you are to grow up in Norway. Even if you are poor in Norway, it sure is better then being poor in Africa where no system catches you when you fall down.

(im perfectly aware of the fact that Africa is improving in their living-standards, economy, healthcare, education and so on. But there's still too many countries who's not doing so well.)

april 26, 2007

i have no time to write.. working all day,all week.i'm actually at work right now - tomorrow i have a day off and im going home to my mums place, then i'll have some more time to write down all my thoughts i've been saving up all week.
but i wonder..
as the years passes by, do we get wiser or do we only get older?

april 19, 2007

to my girls;
here's to the shit we talk. the guys we stalk. the way we shop <3 the laughs we cant stop. the gossip we spill. the looks that could kill. to having each others back, addicted to crack.No,no! i just couldnt rime no more. anyway; i hope we'll stay together through many more years ;)
i was looking at old pictures earlier tonight.. and i noticed my hair back then -what do you think? should i consider getting the same hairdo as before, or do nothing? i hate it when i start like this.. Before: 1, 2, 3. Now: 1, 2, 3.

april 16, 2007

pakka kofferten i ein fei i går og heiv meg på bussen i retning: heim te ho mor.
blei servert kjøttkaker med ein gang eg kom inn døra - det e godt å komme heim.
eg trenger eit pust i bakken.
..og kanskje litt grøn resept, håper eg rekker å gå på fjellet no når eg e her.

We all have a pattern - What is yours?

You walk around reminding yourself to be cautious next time when you meet a guy. You think you’ve learned something from earlier relationships – mysteriously enough, you end up doing the same mistakes even how much you try not to. It seems like I'm doomed to meet guys who's either not completely over their x-girlfriends.. or they just dont know what they feel for me or what they want.
I wonder.. Are we all victims of conditioned responses, doomed to repeat the same unconscious relationship patterns? Are we all in fact just dating the same person over and over again?
..if so: should you break the pattern, and date someone who's not really your type? (since your type always seem to dissapoint you)
I did try it, and i must say that it was more dissapointing than ever.

april 11, 2007

may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the
crotch of the person who screws up your day
and may their arms be too short to scratch.

april 03, 2007

i'm absolutely out of words..