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februar 26, 2007

havig a smoking section in a restaurant
is like having a peeing section in the pool

i cut my bangs/fringe shorter this time, most of my friends i've talked to think that this was too short.. that more rufflehair suited me. what do you think?
now 1 2 3 before 1 2 3

februar 24, 2007

nora, the piano-playing cat

gamlebyen,fredrikstad. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (mum&maria)

februar 23, 2007

me and mum arrived in sarpsborg at 09.23 this cold&bright morning - my sister picked us up in the new, sparkling clean, navy blue 'mazda 3 exclusive', she and her huge tummy! it can happen any day, any time - and i hope the little one decides to come out and greet me before im heading back to førde. real familygathering. me,mum.. my littlebrother is on his way right now,arrives 01.30 tonight + my older brother&his wife live circa 15 minutes by car from here. just my dad missing, and he's in china.. i dont think there is any chance for him stopping by too =/

we just came back from sweden, been there for some hours, shopping.. it is only 15minutes by car, and the food is not only cheap, but better assortment too and quality i must say. we went to buy food and sweets only, but ofcourse.. hello?! we did stop by on other shops too,like clothing and interior. i bought a pair of sunglasses(huge) and sweets.. and mum bought me a knitted vest that i couldnt possibly live without. thank you mum!! <3

februar 22, 2007

every year many ppl get to feel it, how difficult it is when a dear familymember get seriously injured in an accident or get a embolism.every day there r so many people who need an organ transplant that could save or dramatically improve their life. most are waiting for a kidney, others for a heart, lung or liver transplant. thousands transplants are carried out each year. transplants are one of the most miraculous achievements of modern medicine. but they depend entirely on the generosity of donors and their families who are willing to make this life-saving gift to others.
there is a desperate need for more donors. last year hundred of people died while waiting for a transplant. one in ten people waiting for a heart transplant will die and many others will lose their lives before they even get on to the waiting list..
the more people who pledge to donate their organs after their death, the more people stand to benefit.

by choosing to become an organ donor you could help make sure life goes on.

r u norwegian? click here.

februar 21, 2007

i thought i had the day off today.. but almost every time im home in Leirvik on a workday, they need substitutes in the school. the phone rang downstairs at 08.00 this morning, and when i heard that mum was on her way up to my bedroom, i understood that i had to get up..
- i`ve been with the youngest pupils today, the kids in the 1 and 2 grade. it was unearthly cold outside, and the wind was sharp like knives, yet they wanted to stay out in the snow for hours.. it is glorious to be back home after this busy day.
mum has made a lovely dinner, i insinuated yesterday that i have been dreaming about homemade pizza in over a week.. and pizza is on the menu today. she is good to me :)

februar 20, 2007

dear tummy,
sorry for all the butterflies, it's his fault , not mine.
love, me.

februar 14, 2007

the bad thing about television is that everybody you see on television is
doing something better than what you're doing,right? did you ever see anybody on TV
like just sliding off the front of the sofa with potato chip crumbs on their
face? some people have a little too much fun on television: the soda
commercial people - where do they summon this enthusiasm?? have you seen them?
"we have soda, we have soda, we have soda", jumping, laughing, flying through
the air - it's a can of soda. have you ever been standing there and you're
watching TV and you're drinking the exact same product that they're advertising
right there on TV, and it's like, you know, they're spiking volleyballs,
jetskiing, girls in perfect shape with smashing guys .. and im standing there
- "Maybe im putting too much ice in mine."

februar 12, 2007

stod opp: 06.15. eg lika' å ha god tid på morningen. (jo ja,tenker du,men d får no ve' måte på?) 1&2 time: gym med 1 klasse.leikte reven&sauane(ny leik for meg..), innebandy og stafett. 3 time: fortsatt med 1 klasse - eg hadde halve klassen med meg og laga scones m/cottage cheese. masse gris,men det blei fine scones!tok litt lang tid, fikk så vidt trykt i meg litt mat og to slurker av tekoppen før klokka kimte og 4 time va i gang!
4 klasse - matte. hadde om desimaltall. ka e et heilt tall, ka e desimal og ka e deismaltall..
5&6time: norsk med 4 klasse. lesingøvingsoppgaver, forskjellige ark dei måtte gjøre.. eg satt å retta dei etterkvert som dei va ferdig og skreiv raude R og blåe V'ar. dei fekk gå 3min før tida, for eg hadde dårlig tid. heiv på meg jakka (1&2kl e i eitt anna bygg,stress.), sprang ned dit på SFO (skule-fritids-ordning)var der i 1,5time.. dei ville så klart være ute, tross i den bitande kulda. vanskeleg å halde styr på alle sammen, litt av eit ansvar. eg fikk samla alle ei stund.. eg leika så bare det. vi leika politi og røver, doktortikken, gjømsel, familie(!),fisken i det røde hav. leikte dinna leiken ganske lenge -> 'fisken i det røde hav' (fargeleik) eg måtte jo springe heile tida,grått,svart og brunt var fargane eg hadde på meg idag til ungane si store begeistring.dei ha jo parkdressa i alle regnbogens farga.
-- ein av ungane, "fisken", står i mellom to vegga med ryggen i mot oss. dei andre ungane står inntil eine veggen, so ropa' dei "Fisken i det røde hav, ka slags farge må vi ha for å komme over?" 'fisken' seie' ein farge, for eksempel grøn. alle ungane som har noke grønt på seg kan gå roleg over til den andre sida. dei som ikkje har grønt, spring over og kan bli fanga. dei som vert fanga, finn på farga sammen med "fisken". vinnaren av leiken er den som er att til slutt.
now, go out and play ;) eg kom heim 16.30.. drar i 6tida tilbake til førde. på jobb(inkassobyrå) i dei tre neste dagane.

februar 11, 2007

to be out, is one of the single most enjoyable experiences of life. people...did you ever hear people talking about "we should go out"? seriously, this is what they're talking about!
"Did you ring?, I can't find him." "Where did he go?" [the first person again] "He didn't tell me where he was going". he must have gone out.
you wanna go out: you get ready, you pick out the clothes, right? you take the shower, you get all ready, get the cash, get your friends, the car, the spot, the reservation...there you're staring around, whatta you do? you go: "we gotta be getting back". once you're out, you wanna get back! you wanna go to sleep, you wanna get up, you wanna go out again tomorrow, right? where ever you are in life, it's my feeling, you've gotta go. well, i cant write any longer now, i got to be going, it's dinnertime ;)

happy mothersday mum - i love you!

februar 10, 2007

j.seinfeld, quote:
"I swear, I have absolutely no idea what women are thinking. I don't get it, OK? I, I, I admit, I, I'm not getting the signals. I am not getting it! Women, they're so subtle, their little...Everything they do is subtle...Men are not subtle, we are obvious. Women know what men want, men know what men want, what do we want? We want women, thats it!...It's the only thing we know for sure, it really is: We want women.

how to get women? oh, they don't know 'bout that, they don't know. the next step after that they have no idea. this is why you see men honking car-horns, yelling from construction sites. these are the best ideas they've had so far...the car-horn-honk, is that a beauty? have you seen men doing this? what is this? the man is in the car, the woman walks by the front of the car, he honkse, eehhh, this man is out of ideas. how does it...? "I don't think she likes me"..

the amazing thing is, that they still get women, don't they. men, i mean, men are with women. you see men with women. how are men getting women, many people wonder. let me tell you a little bit about their organization. "where ever women are?", they have a man working on the situation right now. now, he may not be their best man, OK, they have a lot of areas to cover, but someone from their staff is on the scene...thats why, I think, men get frustrated, when they see women reading articles, like: "where to meet men?". they are here, they're everywhere..
honking their horns to serve you better."

februar 09, 2007

i've been a substitute teacher at primary school.intensive day - but i like it.
the kids think that you know everything, that you can answer all their questions.. help out with anything without any hesitation. they are not aware of the fact that in 10-15 years they'll probably not be as good in norwegian grammar as they once were.. or still write the calligraph writing, but a more mixed one.

i have taught kids about birds. (i dont even like birds,i cant say i find them interesting at all.)
i have been sawing fingers are sore.
i have been knitting (some of the girls wanted to finish some knit-work they had in their closet, mothersday-gifth.)
i have (tried) writing perfectly calligraph writing (lykkjeskrift) on the blackboard, it is hard to make a template when you dont feel you're doing it quite right.. (you should see the surprised little faces when i had to look in the book at some of the letters i was unsure of.)
i have played basketball.

februar 06, 2007

mobilepics from my stay at my sister and her husbands place in sarpsborg,during the last week. the pregnant one is my sister, maria.. and the guy with the blue&white skirt is her husband(the one in the sofa next to her is erlend) .the 'weird' couple is one of my two brothers erlend, and his wife june :) - and then it's me.

a few pictures from the summer 2006.. :) im looking forward to summer - i'm tired of the cold and grey weather!