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juni 24, 2007

Mr. the-worlds-ugliest-dog!

juni 23, 2007

when i bake something new and i like it, i bake it and eat it till im sick off it.. and then, i find a new recipe.. i love these muffins, and i always decorate them the same way. directly translated fom norwegian : i am a habit-person.

you remember my neighbours flag?i tried to draw it while i was in the phone with my sister the other day.. real windy outside, i wrote down the colours so i didn't have to stare out the window at their house all day.. I wanted a close pic of the flag, but then i'd had to walk real close and snap a pic, they are outside all day so i didnt take the risk.. this is a pic from the window, stupid phone with a lousy zoom. the blue thing is the flag, blowing in the wind.
warning: It's a known fact: I cant draw!

juni 15, 2007

lille hjerteknuseren, noa ;)
den avstanden e skikkelig frustrerende.. eg har så lyst å kooose&dulle med han!!

juni 04, 2007


I have a thing that is kind of silly and embarrassing to admit, but I’m officially the type of person that keeps track on my neighbour’s life. Oh yeah. You know, I couldn’t care less. But then again, they do so many silly things really, and when I sit in my sofa I look right ahead at their house. It’s a family of 5 persons. Like today for instance, they are flagging with a blue flag with some kind of yellow and red symbol. They do that in between. I don’t know why, I don’t know this flag, and it’s killing me that I actually care. They keep a tent in the garden, pretty close to the house.. im thinking it must be the man of the house who's ass being kicked out inbetween and has to sleep in the tent. - I’ve lived here for what.. Nearly 3 years now and their still not replying my ‘hello!’, ‘morning’, ‘hi’, even smiles. I don’t think they are arrogantly, their in their own world. I do get the looks though, like I’m insane or something. I don’t think they like people very much.
Do you have any weird neighbours? Or are you the type who’s got no clue of how the person living next-door to you, even look like?

juni 02, 2007

Well Mr.Know-it-all –- what is a pear divided by an apple.. huh?

The Movie: Marie Antoinette.

”Candy” is a good way to describe the pastel world of Marie Antoinette.

Kirsten Dunst plays the graceful Marie Antoinette. I thought she was a perfect match for this role. I’ve read and heard that the movie was too long lasting, but personally I thought it ended too soon. I wanted more!!
- Marie Antoinette’s story is quite a story. This movie is not a big historical epic story. It is more like, what it might have been like from her point of view. It’s an imagined Marie-Antoinette-personal-side-story, really. Imagine being send to France to be a princess in an age of 14-15. Then she’s got this weird unconsummated marriage, and she’s supposed to produce a child, a baby. It is well portrayed. She sort of tried to cope with this situation. And all the shopping and the extravagance and the decadence. All of that was a sort of reaction to these terrible things which had happened to her which were not of her making.
Anyway..I simply love old-fashioned-things and clothes. So I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months.. And I actually managed to miss it when it was at the cinema in Easter. I bought it some days ago, and now I’ve finally seen it. You should see me now; I am so satisfied and happy.
It’s just..
The shoes in the cutest shoeboxes, the fabrics.. Clothes and dresses, hats, feathers, hairdos, glows, jewellery, champagne, all the beautiful flowers. The food, oh my goodness the delicious-looking food. All kinds of beautiful decorated cream and marzipan cakes, confect, chocolate, cupcakes, fruit and berries. Ridicules, cute, pink pastries. The crystal lamps hanging in the sky-high ceiling and the furniture’s inside the palace of Versailles. All the patterns, portraits and the art at the walls, the ceiling, the carpeted floors, and the bed. The tub in the bathroom. The windows and not to mention the enormous garden! Even the tiny dogs’ diamante necklaces and the gambling-ships in light blue, pink, peach pastel-colors.
The pretty horse wagon and the firm & handsome horse riders. The delicate wedding dance.
All the luxury.
I’m sucking it in like a kid does while watching cartoons. I gasped and had to sit up many times, lean forward, and then throw myself backwards in the coach, smiling and eating sweets.
..And when she leaves and kind of breaks free from the Versailles in the Petit Trianon phase. Oh man. Isn’t it the most heaven-ish place? And their children, how incredible cute. Like angels!

To all you girls out there if you’ve not seen it yet; then what are you waiting for?
It is both romantic and heartbreaking, filled with a bunch of macaroons and fluffy drama.

I fell in love with this new-romantic-ish style.

Eye-candy ;)