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oktober 30, 2006

eg va innom hyllestad skule idag med mamma(ho jobber der) - og vips var eg vikar i 3 timer. hadde 6klasse i naturfag og musikk, og 1 klasse i matte.d gikk bra d, snille&smårampete unga=)

oktober 29, 2006

i`ve seen a bunch of films lately.. a great deal of crappy ones actually.. but some good ones too.
1.Hostel.Quite nasty horrormovie with psycho scenes, i got shivers..almost feeling their pain.If u like torture&blood u should c it.
2.Shopgirl.Do not c this one,it s-u-c-k-s. I thought it would be a chickfilm, about shopping - but nooo.. it was just about a girl working in a shop - lousy story.
3.The Omen.It was allright.The boy in the movie was.. he freaked
me out.A bit dissapointed though, it wasnt that scary as ppl said.
4.Bandidas.Yeah,their sweet,some good lines.. but thats it.

5.Fun With Dick&Jane.Jim Carrey is phenomenal - it was funny.Good entertainment.I bought it.
6.Inside Man.I like this one - u should c it.Exiting,good actors.I always like the movies Denzel Washington plays in.
it is sunday but im not going back to førde before tomorrow.nice to be able to enjoy this day without packing and taking the wicked tired - had a fight with a fly for hours last night,trying to and mum had a delightful evening yesterday, and now we`r gonna have dinner - im starving.

oktober 28, 2006

<-- a frosty rose in october. i do not like winter. yet i have to say it is beautiful. i live in a country, where winter takes at least a quater of the year..
a few days ago i woke up, something wasnt right.. i ran out&opened the eyes got blury and i felt sick - the first frost.a sec there i forgot breathing.u just gotta breathe.every year i panic when the first frost arrives.amazing, really, living in norway and all.. it is is an awfully surprise to me.i hid in the bed for 2hours, my phone kept ringing.i really had to dig deep to find some sense, to get up, get dressed and get was unmerciful cold outside.i went to school, did a writing-test..apparently kofi annan claimed that norwegians clearly dont know how well situated they r, and i wrote an article about it,partly agreeing and explaining why it is so(,defending).it was icily cold in the classroom, displeasing to sit and write.i had an uncomfortable, stiph trip home. Finally inside - i locked the door and got under two blankets with a bedpan.oh no,i`d forgot to buy some groceries!totally sure that to open the door and take a step outside was definitely out of the question - i had oats-porridge instead.i like is healthy.much better then chocolate as well.nah-who am i kidding - without chocolate i could not isolate myselfe more then maximum two days.
a friend of mine, Eldrid is in the states, i`ve missed her alot - counting the days.. she`s back on the 17th of November. that`ll be great! sjå her sunshine, eit par nye bilder: sissel, sylvia (ja ekje dei søte?;) .. and me.

oktober 18, 2006

i was going (quiz) --> too damn tired. i dont believe i would contribute that much tonight either. (who am i kidding, i would have ruled the whole thing.)

oktober 17, 2006

as i mature

i`ve learned that u cannot make someone love u. all u can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

i`ve learned that no matter how much i care, some people r just assholes.

i`ve learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion,not proof, to destroy it.

i`ve learned that u shouldnt compare urself to others - they r more screwed up than u think.

i`ve learned that we r responsible for what we do, unless we r celebrities.

i`ve learned that people u care most about in life r taken from u too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.

i`ve learned that u can keep vomiting long after u think u`re finished.

oktober 13, 2006

i should not be affected by the fact that i am having a flight today, on friday the 13th - but i am, a little bit only. hopefully i arrive in one piece 15.42 in Førde.

oktober 11, 2006

1, 2 - waiting while maria`s in the changingroom at h&m..
i`ve always wanted to be a brunette. it`s more respect out of a brunette then a blonde. the last couple of months i`ve talked about color my hair.. but everyone tells me: Dont! - i dont want it to be dark brown, but a ..chestnut-color. since i didnt get any support all these times i brought it up i am now too chicken to go ahead and do it.. maybe i get the spirit again later - i would like to know how it looks, if it suits me better. i`ll try it one day, one day. (what do u think then??)

oktober 09, 2006

i was asked to go to the ultrasound with Maria&Tommy today - it was tremendous.i am moved. they didnt want to know the sex, they want it to be a surprise .it`s exiting. 6th of march is the date. it was so tiny, a bit weird and 'unfinished', but yet so perfect. it was kicking, turning and using the space -having a good time :D it was difficult to get good pictures,cause it was so active.everything was normal, everything was as its supposed to be, im glad. -- the baby is kicking alot, and it`s quite strong, heavy kicks, i`ve felt is fascinating. (it`s their baby on the picture.)

oktober 05, 2006

hand over a coke,please.

do u drink alot of water?im seldom thirsty and when i drink its because i feel the urge for sugar.. then i drink coke, tea or cocoa (or hot water) - im the queen of unhealthyness. the first thing i do when i wake up is to put sweets into my mouth.. like chocolate. I often look at my friends and ppl around me.. and i c them pour in glass after glass with water.. i also would like to do that. but when i try i only take 3-4 sips before i feel feels like steel in my stomach. thats it. my body doesnt tolerate water :D so .. hand over a coke,will u? me me