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juli 19, 2006

i`ve bought a scooter, it`s a vespa 125 lx4 - i love the oldfashion style. it`s italien ofcourse, brand helmet is oldfashion as well. not a good picture,but i just snapped it while passing it in a hurry. -- i was shaky allright when i bought it, cause then i had to drive it away from the shop in the middle of town&back to my flat.u c; because i`ve passed the age of 20 i could just buy the certification without any lessons, course or anything!!its wild!its craZy, cause i had no idea.. never driven anything with a motor before. he who sold it to me only showed me a few things. like: "push this botton&press this one in to start it,push here to brake&to gas.ur gonna prime the gasolene into this hole and oil in this one.good luck girl!" iih. yeah i`m a sissy when it comes to things like that, but after two turns in the parking i allready threw myself into the traffic.i`ve taken no theory is so weird that i musnt have any course, i wanted to,but they laughed& said that i didnt have to, and that this was easyer then riding a bycycle :D yeah well, i drove it to work yesterday in the rushtraffic, it was a bit scary but it went just fine actually :) it doesnt move faster then 45km/t maximum, to slow.. i feel like a retard driving at 45 when it`s 60 ur supposed to drive. i`ve heard it`s not any trouble to fix it,"trim" it so it moves faster, but then it is illegal, so i think not!but at the speedometer it goes up to 80, in Italy u can drive that fast i think. if it only could reach 60 i`d be satisfied, cause then i wouldnt be in the way in the traffic or a retard ;O

juli 16, 2006

i`ve climbed a mountain today, it wasnt planned,just did it. it`s called "Robba" - it was real windy at the top,i didnt take any pics at the best view,but here`s one of me & two pics taken on my way down,nature: 1 + was hot allright, it had been persistent if it hadnt been any was great:) it is oh so satisfiable to take it all out,work out, to run,jump& use my body&it is also satisfiable allright to feel real slack&tired afterwards&to chill out in the im gonna take a shower&have dinner with my family in the garden afterwards!
yesterday me&sisselm went to Bergen - Bergen`s definitely the most smashing,dainty, pretty city in Norway on a day like yesterday.sun&blue sky..
well, in any case.. we went shopping ofcourse, since i`m about to buy a scooter(vespa)i must be strict to myself to not draw the visa everywere without thinking - ofcourse i bought something though, some clothes, cd`s and we went to ikea were my visa had to stand out from the dark again. we had dinner at 'Egon', at the brew. Before we went home we saw a movie at the cinema, saw the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.. i laughed allright,but it was a bit exaggerating,it was stupid at some point.but it had to be seen.not sure if i want to c the third one though.. came home 23.45.
Today: Sunday bloody sunday ..marvellous weather, marvellous! heading back to Førde tonight.cant say im crazy`bout going back to my flat,work and førde-life.. if u can call it 'life' - i gotta make friends with somebody, i`m oh so tired of the telly!!
comment the comments..
Øyvind:hadde føna håret på d supernærbildet.såg litt puddelrockish ut ja :D
sara:yeah,it kinda look like a russian HAT,i agree. (not head.)
cath:kimberly s?whos that.. thnx i guess?;O

juli 14, 2006

some people can do the weirdest things with their faces.. gimmicks. i can make a silly/ugly face allright if i want to.. but to roll the tounge or twist it, or make the ears move of themselves i can not. trying real hard to make the same tounge as my sister can, mission impossible - had to give up in the end. here`s a pic of me trying.. concentrated Regine.

New haircut.. what do u think?

juli 10, 2006

juli 08, 2006

let fate decide.

i love to write, to write without thinking.. let the words flow.let the pencil dance along the sheets - it`s like is oh so calming.i love to write.i enjoy to write here as well, not the same feeling to write on a keyboard,sure.. as on paper -but it is also a good feeling to c the letters appearing,melting together to words..senteneces as im writing.i seldom use backspace,cause if i`ve written something i guess i meant it.. there r times i write about stuff that is really personal, i dont plan it and i dont use much time thinking about what to write or how to express myself..i just write, like now.

there r days were i from the sec i wake up i speculate about everything there r to speculate about.when i look around me at things i`ve seen a thousand times before i find it more interesting then normal, its like seeing things from a diffrent angle. kinda weird. it`s often got to do with my health, when im very ill - i think more about my life and all the details that affect me,deciding if my life r to be better or worse.

i have this satisfied feeling this saturday even if im tired&'sick' after a night out.
-finally i`ve understood that life must go on.i know i`ve written it before,but i havent really ment it before.i c it now, but it doesnt mean that im totally ok either. i`ve learned that u`ll never know how life will be,even how certain it seems.. but what i do know is that i still want him back.

it is not the same to blog in the weekends only.i simply have to buy a new laptop..+internet.i feel kinda helpless without internet.not just for fun, but when i start schooling again i could need a encyclopedia (google) :D

juli 01, 2006

fresh music: the pipettes (british)- pull shapes , listen / music-video, and also surferosa (norwegian), musicvideo. - oh,by the way.. check out my littlebro ;O aint he handsome? (finally cut his hair)