and you thought you clicked on something interesting

you see: it`s about me, REGINE.

juli 09, 2005



how fantastic this weather is,

i`m ill,
and I have to stay in bed.

I haven`t done a thing, just `laxing..

At 19.00 we was invited to a garden-party at my aunt,Sissel and uncle, Atle.
Her birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated it today.
We ate elk-beef with lots of "stuff" at the fireplace in their garden, it was a lovely meal!!
I think we all over-ate ourselves!!

I just came in,
had to write some words..

- and now I think I have to go to bed again , cause im actually exhausted.
And i`m not feeling to good,
my neck and back ,and my abdomen hurts real bad.
I`ve got a heavy headache and..

.. actually my whole body hurts at the moment. So I think I`ll stop here,
or I will continue complaining all night.

g`night ;)