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januar 18, 2007

pics taken while driving back&forth to førde tuesday&wednesday


  • At 18 januar, 2007 15:35, Blogger Crashdummie said…

    Powerful pics regine, well done! The nature pics looks so soothing and calm, almost fairytalish ;)

  • At 18 januar, 2007 18:43, Anonymous Rose said…

    Wonderful pics Regine.

  • At 18 januar, 2007 20:13, Blogger Ramin Farahani رامین فراهانی said…

    it seems like another planet, strange scandinavian lighting, how do you call it acctualy?

  • At 18 januar, 2007 20:43, Blogger Ramin Farahani رامین فراهانی said…

    hi Regine, I couldn't find any email on your weblog, so I reply here: I mean the dark-light effect which is something between day and night, the hour of wolf or something like that in English. They call it in Dutch: schemering, I think. is there a norwegian name for this kind of light? It is caused by the very slow sunsets and sunrises in countries close to northpole. (you can reply to raminbox at yahoo dot com)

  • At 18 januar, 2007 21:20, Blogger Regine said…

    crashdummie:you think?well,thank you:) fairytalish?yeah they kinda do.

    rose: im glad you liked it!

    ramin farahani:
    yes, in norwegian we call it "skumring" -
    in english it`ll be.. dusk, gloaming, nightfall, or twilight i think.

  • At 19 januar, 2007 04:13, Blogger Drama Div@ said…

    Interesting pix - to say the least.

  • At 19 januar, 2007 05:00, Blogger Dan said…

    Came here from Crashy's site. I like this collage -- it's very energetic!

    Cool stuff!

  • At 19 januar, 2007 16:32, Blogger Peter said…

    very nice Regine.. indeed! =) you know, a picture says more than a thousand words =)

  • At 19 januar, 2007 16:46, Blogger Regine said…

    dr@ama div@a: i actuallythink the pics r quite normal&a bit boring, im surprised you all liked it. just pics mixed together from the ususal drive back&forth to the city.

    dan: yeah,some think their peaceful&some think their energetic. interesting how differently we see&construe things.

    peter:well then. 22 pics alltogether. or 20 actually since i put two of them in there twice.
    - thereby this photo colage will tell you more than 20 000 words !
    it is a great pic, isn't it?:D

  • At 23 januar, 2007 12:31, Blogger Erlend said…

    Artig bildemontasje. Kva program brukte du?

  • At 23 januar, 2007 14:30, Blogger Regine said…

    Kva program eg brukte på biledmontasjen?
    hm.. trur kanskje d va microsoft photo editor eller noke sånt?eg huske ikkje.ka då?skal du lage sånn du og no kanskje?? :D


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