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januar 24, 2006

hi u guys
i know i'v been seriously slack lately, as i said earlier, i'm kinda sick of blogging,it`s a bit boring, and i also think that since my health`s been better then ever,i'v had other things to do then blogging;O ..cause when i'v had sparetime at school i'v been running around instead of sitting at the same place and nerding at the internet- i'v had energy to do other stuff. yeah my health is pretty good, i have not fainted, i have not as much pain as i used to and i actually sleep :) it`s odd, i feel`s like a tickle all the time,or i cant describe it,i dont know what it is-but it`s a new feeling.or maybe it`s a normal feeling,beeing,but i just havnt been able to feel it before cause of all the troubles?dunno,but i'm doing quite fine =)

this morning we overslept, usually get up (or wake up) at 07.00, but it was 08.42 this time.
record of sleep for me this night i think . for a very long time. i think maybe 6hours or`s oh so wonderful. he is good for me.


  • At 24 januar, 2006 14:25, Blogger Peter said…

    HEiIiiIH! regga! =) HvoRdAn går det? =D lØøøØØøVEh yaH!

  • At 24 januar, 2006 15:17, Blogger martijn said…

    I'm happy this guy is so good for you, you sound refreshed and happy.

  • At 24 januar, 2006 20:02, Anonymous maria forsberg said…

    hei søster:)
    Er så glad på dine vegner, kjære deg.
    Det er det inntrykket eg også for når vi har snakket på tlf. i det siste.
    han er nok veldig bra for deg ja, som han martin sa.
    vi snakkes kver dag vi veit du:)

  • At 25 januar, 2006 09:01, Blogger martijn said…

    aaah cute. LOL

  • At 25 januar, 2006 09:58, Blogger Lion'el said…

    If all norewigan girls are so beautifull, this man should move to norway. but tis allwya nice to see someone who has someone else to be happy with. I haent been so lucky in fact at 21 I am as alone as I was the day I was born but I have family and friends and that's what matters.

  • At 25 januar, 2006 12:44, Blogger martijn said…

    lol such a tease ;-)


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