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januar 23, 2007

the only normal persons
are the ones you
dont know very well!


  • At 24 januar, 2007 05:23, Blogger Ramin Farahani رامین فراهانی said…

    hi Regine, cool picture! is the quotation yours?
    wanna listen to a deep song? check out my last post and play Träume. the singer looks (looked) a bit like you:)

  • At 24 januar, 2007 23:18, Blogger Peter said…

    hellau=) nice quote, nice picture! =D miss you dear sister. I'm of to Oslo tomorrow;D

  • At 25 januar, 2007 11:10, Blogger Crashdummie said…

    .. cuz once you get to know them you find out that they aren't normal.

    Which is good - normal is boring!!!

  • At 29 januar, 2007 15:19, Blogger abel said…

    hey regine..

    as an individual, you cannot actually be 'normal'.. as that would imply that you are the same as everyone else... and remove the joy, and the excitement from meeting you :)

    thinking of you..

  • At 31 januar, 2007 00:50, Blogger Regine said…

    ramin f.:nah, i think i`ve heard it from someone a long time ago..

    i havent heard the song yet, but i will.

    peter: kakk :P

    crashdummie: i hear you!

    abel: who said normal was positive.

    im just saying that many people who look normal (a person with ok looks&behaviour&lifestyle++) falls in to this category as normal cause they dont stand out in any way from others who is in a similar life-situation as they are..
    a person is normal to you.. cause you havent stayed long enough around him/her to experience their human qualitys like sulkiness, charm or odd humour ;O and when you do spend time with them, their no longer in that boring,judging category.
    ok am i way out there?hehe.. this got really complicated and im just writing crap :P


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